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The straw and brown color is often related to the dormancy. When the grass turns this color, it is still alive and will green up when sufficient water is added to the lawn. The problem with such sod-colored grass may be that it is too dry, you need to do something let’s discuss.

Why New Sod Looks Like Straw? In the early spring, many lawns are brown after a long winter. This color is called dormancy and lawns often remain this color until late in the season or until they receive enough water to green up again.

This article will discuss why your new sod, and the reasons behind it which is growing at the front of your yard, looks like straw. This can be a worrisome sign that it might not be healthy for you and your lawn. So, how can you figure out if your sod is not healthy?

Why New Sod Looks Like Straw | Sod and Straw

Color is something that can make or break a lawn. Dormancy and brown color are oftentimes thought to be the same, but they’re not. The brown color is dormancy. When the grass turns brown, it’s still alive and will green up once sufficient water has been introduced to the lawn. When there is too much water, this process leads to yellowing instead of greening; therefore, adding less water is preferable.

What is sod?

Sod is a type of grass that is often used in gardens. This type of grass is very tall and has a lot of small blades that make it look like hay once it is dry. There are many reasons why you would need to replace sod in your garden.

One reason could be that the soil might not be deep enough for the new sod that you just put in. Another reason could be that the old sod died and it simply couldn’t live anymore.

If you bought new sod, you might be wondering why it looks different than when you originally bought it. Straw-like growth is one of the first signs of a weed infestation, whether it’s on new sod or old sod that you’ve had installed for years.

If this is the case, your best course of action is to have a professional exterminator (a certified pest control expert) inspect your plot. They can usually fix the problem with just a few treatments.

Issue of Lawn Sod

First, the sod was in contact with a lawn chemical. The lawn chemical may have caused the sod to decompose and turn brown. The problem is that the chemicals in the sod are turning into gases, which then can easily get into your house through leaky water pipes. In addition to this, the chemicals in your yard might have gotten into the well water or some other source of drinking water.

Major Causes New sod looks like straw

New sod is fragile. Many of the things that cause it to look and feel like straw are not visible at first glance. However, there are a few causes that are pretty easy to spot.

  • One is dormancy. New sod generally requires two years of constant sunlight in order to blossom into the grass.
  • It also needs fertilizer, which means fewer nitrates leaching into the soil and negatively impacting your water sources or your crops in general.
  • Drought conditions can also lead to new sod looking like straw and having low vigor because there’s not enough water in the soil for plants to uptake nutrients and moisture.
  • Lastly, seeding is important for new sod as well as for existing sod as it helps establish a healthy root system and chemistry in the soil.


There are many reasons why your new sod looks like straw. The most common reasons are soil compaction and root disease. These two factors contribute to the need of a top-dressed application of fertilizer or compost to help your lawn recover from compaction, which is often caused by heavy equipment.

Another problem might be the amount of water that you are applying to the lawn in order to keep it hydrated, which can cause serious problems for plants like sod.

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