Where to Dump Grass Clippings – (7 Best Ways)

Grass clipping is an important part of lawn care properly but the next step is where to dump grass clippings that could be challenging for some people.

In power mowers mostly have a bagging system that makes your work easy. But if you have a mower without a bagging system then you have to collect the grass clipping and decompose it by using different methods.

Don’t worry in this article, you will learn about the best method of decomposing that grass clipping according to your ease. There are many things you can do with grass clipping like use as mulching or spreading over the lawn grass that will settle down on the soil level.

But you have to know about some conditions that are suitable for your lawn to do that. After the treatment of your lawn herbicide, never use this grass clipping in your garden where you grow vegetables, etc.

There are many small but important thing that you have to know before mixing grass clippings into soil-like if your lawn is wet then that grass clipping act as a barrier between the lawn grass and outside air and sunlight.

If you use grass clipping in a good way then that is very beneficial for your lawn because that can be used for fertilizer. Nitrogen in the green grass is very suitable for stabilizing the soil nutrients. If you use grass clipping on your lawn then you don’t need much lawn food like soil nutrients but use it according to the conditions.

Here you will learn about where to dump grass clippings and give you some important tips regarding grass clipping. Before that, I want to answer some important and frequently asked questions about grass clipping.

How do you dispose of grass clippings?

Basically, there are many things that you can do with grass clipping and one of the best things that you can do dispose of is put that grass clipping in a compost pile that is fully maintained. After two to four-month that grass clippings are decomposed and you can use them for feeding your lawn because that has high nitrogen and other nutrients.

Where can I get rid of grass clippings near me?

If you have not spaced on your lawn to dump then you can contact your local public work department and they will suggest you the best way to dispose of your grass clipping. There is the best way to use these grass clipping for mulching purposes for your lawn but you can give these clippings to local area farmers.

What can you do with grass clippings?

There are lots of things that you can do with your lawn grass clippings. One of the best things that you can do, leave it on your lawn. You have to regularly trim your lawn and after some time that grass clipping goes in grass roots and due to high nitrogen that provides good nutrients to your lawn soil. Follow the full article to get more information about what can you do with grass clippings.

where to dump grass clippings

From these above questions, you get some basic information about the grass clipping. For more useful information about where to dump grass, clipping read the whole article.

Let’s started:

What to do with grass clippings of your lawn

After mowing the lawn, the next thing is what to do with grass clippings. Don’t worry there many things, you can do with grass clipping like leaving it on your lawn or turn to compost, and after that reuse it as lawn food and many more. Stay connected for complete information on what you can do with grass clipping off your lawn.

Use Grass Clippings for Lawn’s Health

As you know that grass clipping can be used as a lawn fertilizer because it has high nitrogen that is suitable for the grown of soil. But here some something you have to clear about them.

For that purpose, you need a sharp blade mulching lawnmower. If your lawnmower has no sharp blades and mulching function then that could not beneficial for your lawn growth. If grass clipping size is more than one inch then that will not easily settle down on the soil surface to decompose naturally.

If that grass clipping is spread over the lawn grass that can create a barrier between the grass and outside air and sunlight that decreases the growth speed. If you don’t take care of such simple things that could be harmful to your lawn.

For getting good results from grass clipping, you need a sharp blade mower that has a mulching function. You have to regularly mow the grass to get a good result and after that, these grass clippings settle down to the grass root and provide nutrients like nitrogen that enhance the grass growth.

Important Note
There are some important things you have to know when you are using grass clipping on your lawn:) First of all, don’t leave the grass clipping over wet grass because it mats down on the grass and clog the air exposure that is not suitable for your lawn growth. Must use the shape blade lawn mower that has a mulching function to get good results from this method otherwise dull mower blades to tear the lawn grass. Which is not in favor of your lawn health. Next thing, don’t use grass clipping in your garden after the lawn treatment of herbicide because that can damage that can be harmful to other plants.

Do grass clippings contribute to thatch?

Thatch is basically a layer of organic material like grass plants, leaves, and other organic material after decomposing. This layer has some positive and negative impact on lawn grass growth.

Now important thing is that does grass clipping can cause thatch? so its answer is yes but not the total contributor of thatch because there many other things that need to make a thatch. Grass clippings that are one inch or less rapidly decompose and settle down on the soil surface.

Grass clipping has high nitrogen and fertilization capability that will decompose fast under low air exposure and converted to thatch. A grass clipping can take two to four-month to decompose and if the grass clipping stem is bigger than one inch then that could take more time to decompose fully.

These are few things that you can do with your grass clipping after mowing according to your convenience:

1. Use Compost Pile Container:

If you have already a compost pile container or compost bin then you can add these grass clipping over there for making compost. That could be a great option for you and after converted it to compost you can add this compost to your lawn. That is very useful for your lawn feed because that has a high amount of nitrogen fertilizer and many other nutrients also. These nutrients can help to grow your lawn and you don’t need much amount of nutrients to buy for your lawn to feed.

Important Note
When you’re converting the grass clipping to compost, you need to take care of something to do this work properly. You have to add other material like carbon pile and mixture of plant leaves, stem and other mixed organic material to decompose the grass clipping in a good way otherwise that can mess up and can cause smell origination that leads to diseases. Must take care of these simple things before doing that to get positive results.

2. Use Lawn Waste Container:

IF you don’t want to convert it to compost by do it yourself and have a waste container facility in your area. Don’t put these grass clipping in your private trash bin, you need a local area collection company that takes these grass clipping and disposes of them according to their way.

That could be a simple option for you to easily dispose of it but if you are living in those areas where that facility is not available then you can go with other options that are told in this article.

3. Find brush dumpsites:

If you could not avail of other options then you need to find the local area brush dumpsite where you can dump these leaf, grass clipping, and debris. These are sometimes free and sometimes you have to pay for them according to the local area department.

They dispose of these lawn grass clipping and leaves according to their convenience. You can use this method to dispose of your grass clipping.

4. Give Grass clippings to your Neighbor

This is another simple option for you, if your neighbor or friends has a compost pile container at their property then you can give them and get rid of these grass clipping.

If you have this option you can avail, just give them this grass clipping and they can use it for their lawn by converting it to compost or use as mulch in the garden area.

5. Give Grass Clippings to Local Farmers

You can approach your local area farmer that they can use for their cattle and may have any other option like converting it to compost and use at their fields.

This is also a very useful idea, you can do that also to dispose of your clippings

6. Approach your Local Gardening Businesses

That could be a great option of getting rid of grass clippings, you can approach your local area gardening businesses they need these grass clippings for their garden to feed. They have the option to compost and after that, they use that as fertilizer.

This method is also very good if you could avail this. They collect your grass clipping and use them according to their way and that is very easy for you also.

7. Leave the Grass Clippings on Your Lawn

This is one of the best methods and I have already explained it completely so you can read the whole article to get complete information. If you use a mower that has a mulching function then you can get very good results from this method but you have to take care of some things for getting positive results.

I have already explained these things in detail so you can follow these important tips that could be beneficial for your lawn.


I hope, if you follow the whole article then you would learn about the best methods and know about where to dump grass clippings. You can use grass clippings as fertilizer but if you don’t want that then there are many other options you can use for decomposing it.

I hope you would like our effort and get very useful possible ideas that can help you to dispose of these grass clippings if that’s are available in your areas. There are many solutions that can be followed and you can also choose that would be convenient for you.

If you like our article then you can give your feedback in the comment box and if you have any questions regarding this topic you can ask. we try our best to give you an answer very soon.

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