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Micro Clover Lawn Pros and Cons? Nowadays Clover loses their reputation but years ago it’s an essential part of the lawn that maintains the natural beauty of the lawn without any extra efforts like seeding, water, fertilizer, compost, herbicide, and weeding.

There are some beneficial effects of white clover in the lawn (Trifolium repens), also known as Dutch clover or Dutch white clover.

But now most homeowners are in favor of one type of grass that appealing to them but it rise their maintenance cost for them also. it requires much effort to maintain the greenery of the lawn grass.

If you don’t want to put much effort to maintain your lawn green then you can opt for white clover (Trifolium repens) that has little amount of flowers so you can generally use a mower while in the spring and fall season when that get flowers to get rid of them easily. The deep green leaves of clovers are appealing to many homeowners.

Micro Clover Lawn Pros and Cons

Here are some Frequently ASKED Questions about Mirco Clover!

Is micro clover good for lawns?

Is micro clover good for lawns? The short answer is yes because it stays green all summer with little or no watering and it attracts beneficial insect-like (bees) to the lawn. It never requires fertilizer and herbicides and a lot of other advantages to the lawn.

Is micro clover invasive?

Is micro clover invasive? Yes, the micro clover is invasive which is a good thing because whenever stem touches the ground that is getting roots. it is a very effective thing for your lawn if your lawn has lots of bare patches.

Does micro Clover spread?

Does micro Clover spread? Yes, micro clover spread on your lawn, and as I early tell you the advantage of clover is that’s are invasive, and if you have a bare spotted lawn that can fill your lawn but not much for a large area.

Is micro Clover soft to walk on?

Is micro Clover soft to walk on? Yes, it feels great while walking barefoot in the micro clovers and these are soft, lush, and deep green and feel luxurious to walk on them.

Why Does My Lawn Have Clover?

First, understand the concept that grass needs a sufficient level of nitrogen in the soil to grow well while clover thrives in soil with a poor level of nitrogen in lawn soil because the clover gets the nitrogen from air that is sufficient for them to grow well.

While in the case of grass we have to provide a suitable amount of nitrogen to grow them properly so that the reason where the soil has insufficient where grass could not grow well and clover take place in that space and grow easily there and it also increases the nitrogen level in soil while absorbing nitrogen from the air.

What is Micro Clover?

Micro clover is basically a smaller variety of white clover and it has small deep green leaves and a little bit of flower in the spring and fall season due to its small leave, this clover has less tendency to create a clumpy lawn.

One of the important factors of adding micro clover to the lawn is that it nitrogen fixer, it get nitrogen from the air and makes it organic nitrogen in the soil which is good for other grass and fill the patches in the lawn, and decreases the weed growing chances.

Micro Clover Lawn Pros and Cons

Micro clovers require less water or no waterMicro clovers can stains clothing more easily than grass
Attract beneficial insect-like (Bees)All Clover lawns can look lumpy and uneven
Micro clovers Require little mowing while the spring and fall season when it gets flowers.Micro Clover is not enough durable for high traffic fields
It can survive in poor soil and does not require nutritious soil. Micro Clover flowers will attract Bees which is unfavorable if you have children or pets playing on the lawn.
Micro Clovers have less thrives to clumpy forming habitMicro Clover has an invasive habit, these are growing fast as stems touch the ground, and its roots can creep over edging.
It does not require Fertilizer
its an inexpensive and good solution for bare patches
it out-compete other weeds and never needs Herbicides

Why Would I Choose to Include Micro Clover in my Lawn?

Basically, micro clover does not require high fertile land to grow and these can survive in poor soil also. Micro clover does not require water or fertilizer and you can have a lush green lawn with little effort by adding micro clover due to small leaves, these white clover does not aggressively grow and form lumpy or uneven lawn so these are the major reason for adding micro clover to your lawn.

What’s the Catch?

According to experts, micro clovers are not the right choice for everyone.

First, you have to contact your local extension office to know about your area for growing micro clover that would be a good approach.

In some areas where micro clover is not environment friendly there micro clover can die at wintertime and leave brown patches on your lawn so before growing micro clover to your lawn get information about it.

Some southern area of America is not suitable for growing micro clover so get knowledge about it before disappointing with the decision of micro clover invasion idea.

Converting a Whole Yard to Micro Clover

Some people destroy their lawn and try to gown a full micro clover lawn but that is not a good approach because it could cost around $300 if you want to grow full micro clover in an area of 5,000 square feet.

According to the survey, a full-blown stand of micro clover will require at least two pounds of seed per 1000 square feet. Ten-pound bags that will cover 5,000 square feet are close to $300.

And if you want to grow your lawn with premium grass seed lawn then that could cost around $100 to the same areas. So you can consider this thing if you want to convert your whole yard to micro clover.

How to Plant a Micro Clover Lawn

If you want to plant a whole Micro clover lawn then these step-by-step guides help you a lot to get the perfect micro clover lawn at a suitable price and quality.

  • First, you have to buy 100% micro clover seed with no fillers (this is the seed I recommend)
  • Then you have to prepare about 5” of topsoil by tilling and adding screened, organic compost.
  • According to research pH for micro clover is 6 – 7. To perform a soil test (I use this kit from Amazon), and add lime if necessary after testing the PH of the soil.
  • You can spread the seed by the use of broadcast spreader.
  • Gently rake in the seed for even distribution and good soil contact. I recommend using the back of a leaf rake for this.
  • The most important step is to water the seed regularly.
  • Then you have one week after sowing before adding organic chicken manure pellets as a fertilizer. I use Coop Poop, which I buy from Amazon you can also you them.

I hope you understand and these guides help you to grow your lawn of micro clover efficiently.

Final Thoughts About Micro Clover in Lawns

Here I will conclude my discussion about the growth of micro clover in lawns. If you want a full clover lawn then you can opt for that method also but if you want a mixed clover lawn that could also be your choice.

The next important thing is a lush green lawn then you can use a proportion of micro clover to your lawn that helps you to grow your lawn by getting organic nitrogen that helps other lawn grass to grow well but that is not enough for the whole lawn so you can require nitrogen fertilizer for growing your lawn properly.

In this detailed discussion, I tell you the pros and cons of micro clover unbiased and I hope you understand the whole concept of having micro clover on the lawn till now you have any questions regarding this topic you can leave your question in the comment box, I try my best to answer your question quickly.

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