7 Ways to Make St. Augustine Grass Spread Fast Grow Thick

There are several steps that lead to the special growth of St.Augustine but if I shortly explain then the bottom line is taking care and right maintenance of seed make St. Augustine grass spread fast grow thick within 2 weeks.

If you want to make St. Augustine grass spread faster and grow thicker having strengthen roots stolons and rhizomes is mandatory.

By the way except for these all things if your lawn condition is weak and frail after reading this comprehensive guide you will get a lushing grass look in front of your eyes.

Make St. Augustine Grass Spread Fast Grow Thick

So let’s start the processing and learn the MECHANISM of St. Augustine’s quick growth.

How to Get St Augustine Grass to Spread

If you want to grow St.Augustine grass and want grass spread quickly then first improve the soil with good draining soil which have a less acidic ratio and a good pH range from 5.0- 8.5 secondly just seed the plants earlier in the summer season.

Fertilizing with phosphorus and nitrogen helps roots rhizomes and stolons grow faster even though watering on a daily early morning also strengthens St.Augustine grass and leaf below within 10 to 14 days. Continue mowing and caring increase St.Augustine up to 4 /5 inches approximately.

By doing these you make St.Augustine grass spread fast and grow thicker but an important thing to mention is when the grass is started there is proper growth and getting green color must spray the herbicides which help to remove weeds. Also, keep eye on insects and grubs worms and be ready to tackle them beforehand.

7 Steps to Make St. Augustine Grass Spread Fast Grow Thick

Follow these mentioned step-by-step guides to help you to grow your st. Augustine grass is faster and thicker.

How to Make St. Augustine Grass Spread Fast Grow Thick.

  • Ready and Prepare soil for St. Augustine
  • Must Plant in strat of summer
  • Always use phosphorus fertilizer
  • Watering ecxessively
  • Remove weeds
  • Remove grubs worms and insects
  • Mow lawn timely

1. Ready and Prepare soil for St. Augustine

The first step is to Ready and Prepare soil for St. Augustine.For that purpose strat from amending new soil in lawn removing od soil improving the bare spots and installing new less acidic soil which has excellent pH. If the soil is good then there are most chances grass leaves will grow with weeks.

So first you need to prepare your land and use good soil there, Even using sandy soil and well-draining is ideal for this purpose also. Good soil is a way to make grass thicker and fuller.

2. Must Plant in strat of summer

A second most important step is Must Planting in strat of summer. To do this keep eye on summer when the temperature is increasing that the most ideal time to plant averagely above 60 to 100 Fahrenheit temperature in summer is a good choice to plant St.Augustine grass.

Secondly, in the USA if you plant in the last days of summer then there is no benefit of it even you don’t need to do this because in lack of temperature the grass comes with bare spots and patches therefore, you will see there is no poor growth occurs.

3. Always use phosphorus fertilizer

The third important thing is using phosphorus fertilizer on time. Phosphorus is the most unique and very ideal fertilizer to boost the grass rate. Continuously apply the phosphorus until 20 to 40 days for the initial growth of Augustine grass.

In the initial days, phosphorus is the best solution after that you will move with nitrogen fertilizer also which will also upgrade the growth of grass. Particularly nitrogen fertilizer is really well to grow the roots and runners of grass.453 Grams of nitrogen is enough for 800 to 1000 square feet of grass. Slow-release of nitrogen must be in your mind.

4. Watering ecxessively

In early days always water in less amount, until the roots getting a bit to strengthen. In much hot temperature also less the amount of watering. When temperature down increase the water amount if you apply 1/2 inches before increasing them 1/4 inches.

Watering is a most necessary substitute for boosting the life of lawn grass and making them greener. For this purpose always water well according to your lawn sizes. As good as your Watering strategies are as soon green look comes.

Always use clean water taking benefits from the sprinkling system is well-chosen because it spread water all over the lawn in less time and helps the grass to absorb the water intelligently under the beneath level of soil thas all we needed actually.

5. Remove weeds

Always keep eye on the lawn before weeds come application one time with best weed killer even if the weed comes in less amount them initially put them up manually if they are I high amount must application two times o them in a week. Do not water on your lawn after applying weeds killer try to use right weed killer which helps you to get rid of them asap some particular weeds killer mentioned below which used for multi-purpose kill weeds and grow grass as well.

6. Remove grubs worms and insects

Also, keep eye on grubs and Remove grubs worms, and insects on time. If your lawn has such a problem before this time you need to be ready for application in your lawn beforehand.

So what do you need to do?

Application the grubs killer insects killer on time otherwise your grass getting pesky and annoying. Sometimes small insects and grubs worms attacked lawn grass in summer so used particular grub killers who do not access them soon.

7. Mow lawn timely

Mowing your lawn from time to time is the way to enjoy a whole year with a green-lushing look of grass. In the early days of mowing cut the grass in down depth and don’t cut grass highly after time to time, you need to increase the blade size of the lawnmower and you will get success.


After following these 7 steps you will get a green thicker and fuller look at your lawn and garden. If you do not grow lawn before don’t worry this guide is really enough to glow a St.Augustine in your outdoor.

Why do St. Augustine runners spread on top of each other?

The common reason for runners over the st Augustine is lack of nutrients and starvation of roots lack of watering and overfertilization and this whole process is called looping. You should improve it by fulfilling the major needs of st Augustine grass which is good fertilizers and food accessibility.

How long does it take for St. Augustine grass to spread?

How long does it take for St. Augustine grass to spread? The Augustine plug fixed their growth from 5 to 14 days approximately. Augustine plugs grow very quickly with rhizomes and stolons in case you fertilize well water well its roots spread faster which extends leaf growth within a week.

How does st Augustine grass spread?

How does st Augustine grass spread? Augustine grass spread so faster typically rhizomes and stolen are the major reason behind the spreads of St Augustine grass. Augustine grass spread too faster as especially with the help of stronger roots it grows very quickly. As stronger roots as fast it increases.

Does st Augustine grass go dormant?

Does st Augustine grass go dormant? When temperature down to 80 Fahrenheit and soil temperature falls to 60 Fahrenheit that is the time st Augustine grass gets dormant. Mostly in late nights falls the temperature getting colder wherefore grass growth rate also slow in some cases if the ground has excellent moisture then several chances happens Augustine continues growth.

Is putting sand on st Augustine grass is good?

Well putting the sand on Augustine grass is an excellent choice because sand soil has the ability to meet and seat with st Augustine soo and has pH ranges from 5.0 to 8.5 which helps the grass to grow fast and soon. So without any hesitation, you should put sandy soil on st Augustine.

What is Best fill dirt for St Augustine grass?

Instead of using hard tough soil to fill dirt use sandy soil for Augustine because t meets very well with Augustine’s grass. Also, avoid using clay or organic matter soil as dirt so keeping going with sandy soil is ideal.

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