5 Best Lawn Striping Kit for Riding Mower (Ultimate Guide)

The eye-attractive creation of striping patterns in the lawn is not tough if you have the right striping kit and plan. Here we share a list of the 5 best lawn striping kits for a riding mower.

Actually, there are many lawn striping kits for riding mowers but lawn demands perfection. So the right selection of striping of grass is important. The riding mower needs a striping kit which attached easily with the mower and is suitable to use in all seasons grasses.

The right striping kit provides your lawn pattern mostly found on golf or many sports grounds.

It’s important that the striping kit you choose has easy customization and installation because an easy kit only demands a screwdriver for customization and it’s also necessary while attaching striping the Riding mower will be off.

So the right information and selection provide you with the right lawn pattern.

lawn striping kit for riding mower

In this article, you’ll be able to get all about striping working and its advantages and the best 5 lawn striping kit for riding mower and striping pattern shape and use of striping as well. At the end of this Guide, we are sure you will choose your best.

So let’s begin…

Best lawn striping kit for riding mower

These are the 5 best lawn striping for lawnmowers which have all qualities that a lawn shiny looks demands. So pick your favorite one and mow or stripe your lawn with your favorite pattern.

1. Agri Fab 18 inchesView on Amazon
2. Stens Deck RollerView on Amazon
3. Brinkly PRCView on Amazon
4. Cub CadetView on Amazon
5. Honda GenuineView on Amazon

1. Agri Fab 18 inches (View On Amazon)

The Agri fab has the best roller with a multi 18 inches diameter and 36 inches wide. The Agri has no rust internally reinforced and also consists of a poly roller drum.

The 400 lbs weight is much better with water to help flatten uneven grass and level to a new side in 36 wide swaths. So that’s why it’s our first choice.

The best thing about this has a 3-year warranty and is made with important USA components. Also, have less than 50lbs without water for easy storage and transport roller drain and fill plug. This is the best lawn striping kit for a riding mower.

Durable 18 inches diameterNo
3 years warranty
400 lbs weight with36 wide swath
Having removable plug and poly scraper bar
Good for medium and large lawns
Eco friendly with low cost

2. Stens Deck Roller (View On Amazon)

This stans deck roller has amazing striping abilities with a depth of 15 inches and a length of 10 inches. The stains have 5.0 weight and are amazing for small yards.

Most peoples use such a roller for small yards and it’s totally environment friendly.

Such type of striping rollers is much applicable for mini lawns with no danger for lawn pets. This striping in the mini yard is fast and works extremely with a smart deck.

15 inches deep mowingNo assembly require
Good in length and size
Best for small yards
SAfe for all grasses

3. Brinkly PRC (View On Amazon)

This is the best striping quality with amazing easy and turns plug rollers features also consists and designed plug with fast filling capabilities. The Brinkley PRC is very useful to avoid lawn damage with no-hassle storage.

Such striping is much useful for lawn and works well in all grass conditions with 28 gallons capacity which means sturdy roller hold up 270lbs.

The best thing about such an item has durable construction and these are not dent or rust.

Suitable for all grassesNo
Fast 28 gallons capacity
Easy to customized
Construction with 24 measuring

4. Cub Cadet (View On Amazon)

These are much reliable for riding and zero-turn lawnmowers. These have amazing fitting cub cadets available in 50,54 and 60 inches of deck.

The cub has an easy installation that helps the user to work in 1 hour easily and stripe a medium-size yard early as compared to others.

The best things about this kit are mowing and stripe at the same time.

Easy installation with instruction sheetNo
Compatible for all grasses
Best string and mowing in one time
Work fasten for a long time

5. Honda Genuine (View On Amazon)

The Honda has an amazing rear safety shield kit. The Honda has fast working qualities in OEM HRX17 series.

The striping of such blade has genial work and works slightly in any rough and tough grasses also.

Such type of striping is much compatible with the lawn of dead grass this blade works deep under the grass layer and cutting in good depth.

Work full for rough grassesNot much compatible for a large yard
Best for small lawnNo warranty
Work with good mowing deck

What does a lawn striping kit do?

The lawnmower striping physics actually works as a pattern look for the yard.

So this process begins with natural sunlight it’s not difficult to perceiving striping actuality the sunlight makes the lawn strip to visible for the human eye by shining.

The striping gives a reflection of light in your lawn grass pattern [A pattern means a certain straight or curve grass line mainly found in cricket or golf fields ] and the reflection of light reflects the grass line to other grass lines and creates a shiny look.

For striping, the blade gives a slight or light angle and creates the same particular pattern in each line. As the lines patter in same when light reflects all grassy line shiny in the same way.

Important striping lawn instruction

For this purpose, you should know the strip you buy must easy installation and usage with simple mower attaching ability and fixation because obtrusively fixing with screw cause damage to grass pattern.

You should know about controlling the clamps and handling Riding mowers. And the healthy thick and tallgrass are best for striping the 2/3 inches grass size is preferable for striping and 1 or half inches grass in size gives less sunlight reflection and shine.

The next step selecting of right grass and your favorite grass pattern for striping and you should that one which looks visible to your eyes because it’s hard to change the grass pattern again and again.

Normally the straight curve or perpendicular pattern is much visible for eyesight because this has a dramatic pleasure look with sun reflection.

After selecting your pattern its time comes to start mowing and striping choose a lawn corner and start using a point instruction is a much more reliable striping technique because a point mark instructs you a straight pattern line.

Then changing corners and striping line by line until a look visible comes and creates a ground look that reflects the sun and looks pretty.

So you can also give a lawn wave pattern with driveways and landscapes but also circular pattern alignment makes a greenish look in the lawn.

How to make your own DIY striping? Hand Made

In the making of DIY striping with the hand, you should need some important elements like PVC CAP Brackets some Nuts and screws for tightening with Hex Bolt Rubber Space, and most important 3 to 5 inches pipe.

Actually, the combination of whole things with proper fitting helps you to make the home more striping.

Jumps towards your DIY Striping.

So For this purpose first you have a proper mindset of making a DIY striping and completing substances that use to make a lawnmower striping.

Actually, hand-make striping is a positive sign for your lawn and you would be able to save money every year.

So let’s start and gets these things first…

1. A 3/4 inches pipeView on Amazon
2. PVC CapView on Amazon
3. Clevis pinsView on Amazon
4. Screw tighterView on Amazon
5. BracketsView on Amazon
6. Cotter PinsView on Amazon
7. Rubber SpacerView on Amazon
8. NutsView on Amazon
9. WashersView on Amazon
10. Using DrillView on Amazon

The main concept of making striping using pipe and PVC cap is started with tight the pipe from both sides by closing with caps and using bracket in wholes and fill inside the pipe with sand and then close their corner and attached to the lawnmower.

So first you take your 3/4 inches pipe and end caps. So for this hand DIY striping, you need to measure your mower length and exactly the size between his back wheels or the place where the stripping fit. Measuring this and cutting your PVC pipe with the same length for insertion.

The drill is used for holes in this process so take a drill even in rent and hole in the center of the cap where you put the bolt.

The hole is like where a pen can pass and then use brackets and fix the holes with 5/14 hex bolts.

The threaded or tying from one end is much compatible with these hex bolts so you are tight in all holes and spin tight them with brackets. Then putting the threaded end of the bolt through the end cap use the washer and tighten the nuts tightly.

Then used washers as spacers to hold the brackets and tight them. The top portion is used to pin existing holes And try to attach brackets as close to the rubber spacer and put pins

The final step of filling of sand and cutting the caps tight and closing the pipe hole in both corners and attaching to the lawnmower.

You should check before striping properly on the lawn and get satisfactory results.

The main concept of making striping with pipe and PVC cap is started with tight the pipe from both sides by closing with caps and filling inside the pipe with sand and then closing their corner and attached to the lawnmower.

What is the best lawn mower for striping?

What is the best lawn mower for striping? The Husqvarna MZ61 is much suitable for riding lawn mower for striping in lawn and Husqvarna YTH24V48 is also the best riding lawn mower for stripping your lawn.

These below are also the best mowers for striping but Husqvarna riding is best in the riding category.

  • Worx VG 743 40V Power share
  • Worx 779 Powe share
  • Gareen work coeded 25022

How do you stripe a lawn without a stripping kit? Is it possible?

How do you stripe a lawn without a stripping kit? Is it possible? The Striping without a kit is not possible but don’t worry there is a simple and cheap way of making striping at home that would help you to make your own striping kit and mow your lawn. For that purpose use pipe and caps ends and tightened them and fill them with sand and after attaching you are able to use the striping.

How to stripe a lawn with a riding mower?

How to stripe a lawn with a riding mower? To stripe a riding lawn mower always mow obliquely, and simply transform the trimmer into a 90-degree point with the last column you cut. Cut the neighboring line askew and cover the sign of the turn. You need to cut the equal lines askew and keep cutting from one corner to another across the entire grass. Always make the virtual chart in mind for them to start implementation.


The striping in the lawn is much important so for this purpose you should take care of this with a good kit and make your favorite pattern that looks visible on the lawn using the right method and strips roller is best for lawn shiny.

Some Thing Special:

Hope you like this information and share your experience and question if you have any doubt we share our information soon.

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