Top 10 Best Lawn Sprinkler Types

There are dozen of lawn sprinkler types that are used for watering the lawn in the dry season. As you know that sprinklers are a very useful and effective solution to keep your lawn lush green during hot and dry months.

Nowadays a lot of lawn sprinklers are available now but the important thing is which type of sprinkler is best for your lawn. But don’t worry you need to consider some important factors before purchasing the best lawn sprinkler for you.

One of them is the size of your lawn, water pressure at your lawn, and another one in the shape of your lawn. These important things help you to find the best lawn sprinkler that actually you required.

There is another factor about lawn sprinklers is that you have to know first before purchasing do you know (what type of sprinkler irrigation system). If you have fitted above or underground sprinkler system so different types of the sprinkler are used and also check which one is suitable for your lawn.

Which type of sprinkler system is the best ( Automatic Versus Manual) system.

Before telling you about the best sprinkler type, I want to let you know which sprinkler system is best for you. All their advantages and disadvantages of an automatic and manual system.

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Automatic sprinkler system:

As you know the automatic sprinkler system is a very useful and innovative system but there are also some drawbacks that you have to know about them.

Lawn Sprinkler Types

In the automatic sprinkler system, you just have to set the timer for watering and then you forget about it. The time you set for watering, on that time sprinkler turn on and turn off at the time you set.

Morning time is the best time to water your lawn and you can set that time and after that sprinkler turn on the exact time that you already set and you don’t need to wake up and turn the sprinkle to get the lush green lawn. Everything is automatic and you are not bound to water the lawn.

If you’re a busy person and you do not have the time to water the grass manually then this is the best option for you to automate your lawn maintenance work. If you have an urgent meeting or you have to go outside of your town or city then you don’t need to ask your, friend or neighbor, to turn on your sprinkler to turn on.

By using this system you can easily maintain your lawn and also you don’t need to pay much attention to it.

The main advantages of this system are that you don’t need to turn it on manually.The initial cost to buy this type of system is a little bit high for you.
You have to set the timer and the sprinkler will turn on and off according to the set time.Need constant high-pressure water and you have to check the water pipeline is ok.
If you have to outside of your city or town you don’t worry about it because the automatic system will water your lawn regularly.In the rainy weather, your automatic system will also turn and water the lawn and that day watering is required.
Automatic sprinkler system

Manual sprinkler system:

Now there are also some benefits and drawbacks of the manual sprinkler system and you should have to aware of it.

The main advantage of this system is that you can water your lawn manually and you can water the grass where the grass condition is not good and require more water so you give them water according to need but in the automatic system, you can do that.

Lawn Sprinkler Types

If the pipeline is damaged then you can easily check that and fix it quickly but in the automatic system the water will flow and waste but in this case, you can check that and fix it.

In the rainy weather, you don’t need to water your lawn but that option is not available in the automatic sprinkler system till now.

Despite some advantages, it has also some bad points. You have to wake up early and water your lawn because morning is the best time to water the lawn specifically in the hot season.

The main advantage of this manual method is you can check the dry grass patch and water it.It is a manual process and you have to wake up early in the morning to water the lawn.
If the water pipeline is damaged then you can find and easily fix that to save the water to flow.If you have to go outside then you have to take the help of your friends or neighbor to water the lawn
This is an inexpensive method to maintain your lawn.
Manual sprinkler

I hope you get a piece of very useful information and you know the pros and cons of automatic and manual sprinkler system. Now you can choose the best option according to your needs.

Here is the list of best lawn sprinkler types!

These are the best lawn sprinkler types that will be beneficial for your lawn system.

  • fix/ stationary sprinkle
  • Traveling sprinkle
  • Misting Sprinklers
  • Impact sprinkle
  • sprinkle hoses
  • Oscillating sprinkle
  • Raised Sprinklers
  • In-Ground Sprinklers
  • Stream
  • Pop-Up Sprinklers

Let’s get started:

1. Fix | stationary sprinkle

This type of stationary sprinkle spray and make a fixed pattern of streaming water. They steam the water in a pre-set pattern that could be square or circle and these types of sprinkles are best for small to medium size lawn because the spray can reach 10 to 18 feet.

Moreover, this stationary sprinkler (View On Amazon) is inexpensive and can work very well under low water pressure. so you can check it out if your lawn is small or medium size.

One very important thing to consider is always choosing the metal frame because that is durable and also has a metal filer because that helps to prevent the clogging in the filter.

2. Traveling sprinkle

Traveling sprinkle (View On Amazon) is an innovative device that can be used for the extra-large lawn because this beautiful sprinkle can travel about 60 m and is capable to cover an area of 1100m².

This a very unique sprinkle that has stationary full circle coverage of 4.5 to 13.5m diameter is impressive. This sprinkle is run by water pressure and for that purpose, you have to give it very high pressure to run.

This is a 2-speed self-propelled gearbox and a very durable and solid iron body which is quite good. 12mm and 18mm both hoses can fit on this amazing unique design sprinkle and that performing very well and this a very useful for large size lawn.

It follows the path that you create and its front wheel follows the hose of the garden. This type of sprinkle is actually not for small area lawn to watering. It can easily cover the large and its water stream make a very beautiful pattern.

3. Misting Sprinklers

Misting sprinkler (View On Amazon) is one of the best types for flower beds because that could be damaged by other heavy pressure sprinkle so misting sprinkle is the best choice for that type of flower beds.

This sprinkle is suitable for those soil in which the water draining process is very slow and if we use a sprinkle that streams the water with heavy pressure could cause of pool on the surface of the ground which that for that type of soil we need mist type of sprinkle.

Overall this is a good and useful sprinkle for flower beds not for the lawn. The mist of this sprinkle is short-range so that is not suitable for large areas of lawn.

This type of sprinkle is mostly used in that soil whose draining of water ratio is low. so if your soil is of that type then you can choose this type of sprinkle for you.

4. Impact sprinkle

Impact sprinklers (View On Amazon) are invented by Rain Bird and for this reason, some people call this sprinkle a Rain Bird sprinkles also. The type of sprinkler is mostly used in parks and commercial properties the reason behind that is its large area to cover and another is its noise.

This sprinkle is the best choice for large area lawn and parks like that place because that type of sprinkle is the best option for streaming the water at the large area.

The noise is produced when the head of the sprinkle hits the spring-loaded arm because of the high-pressure water stream by the nozzles. This sprinkle is just looking like a rotating sprinkle but when it creates the noise it is recognized.

In-home lawn, sprinkle is used in the early morning from 6 am to 8 am and peoples are sleeping at that time so they avoid this type of lawn sprinkle because of its noise that creates a disturbance for them and one another can drawback for some people who has low water pressure so this type of sprinkler is not suitable for them.

Mostly this type of sprinkle is used in public parks and ground and another commercial area for both reasons due to its large water stream with high pressure that is beneficial to cover the large area lawn or ground and there its noise does not matter.

5. sprinkle hoses

The hoses (View On Amazon) are another type of water sprinkles. Mostly looks predominantly with large rows in the body. Such sprinkle is fewer holes and less diverse spray pattern the stream of water bring out with really high as compared to other sprinkles. This hose act as that all pressure it would get in order to perform it.

This hose has amazing water control because of holes stream which covers a distance of 20 to 25 feet as well. These hoses are much reliable for asymmetrical and zig-zag conditions.

Such hoses are the thin size of tube-like pocket hose that needs some time extra care if you watering in the garden because slightly bars damaged his tube.

The advantage of such hoses is that you can spray water vertically in all selected directions easily just slightly turn and water shoot out excellently.

6. Oscillating sprinkle

These are manually made metal plastic tube which helps this in moving. Such a type of sprinkle is very useful for the lawn because with watering its kids playing water park feeling.

Mostly oscillating (View On Amazon) treat as a jumping sprinkle with spray. If you have medium size tard and less amount of water perhaps this makes good water pressure and shoots out in with good water flow.

These are not much in cost between 15 to 30 dollars. But this is also available at a high price but the best thing about such a sprinkle is if you buy a costly one it has great water shoot-out ability with flow control. As good in price as excellent in the result.

These are reliable for the yards of rectangular shape and also for standard or average size lawns. The main advantage of such sprinkles they can cover a large area of 4000 sq feet.

Normally if there’s is less water pressure in this condition there’s no slow impact on watering because of its great flow control and suitable for low and high pressure.

7. Raised Sprinklers

These raised sprinklers (View On Amazon) are sticking out from the ground. These are the sprinkle that doesn’t take back if they are not in the watering process another benefit of such sprinklers is they moved easily in the garden and lawn from one place to another.

Such sprinkle covers 15 to 20 feet area but in this time not too much use because of some advanced sprinkler. The bad things about such sprinkle some time while working it creates little smell or poor watering shoot-out as compared to other ones.

These needs care while watering your yard but if you fixed such sprinkles for spray surrounding a plant or specific grass area it must be working full.

8. In-Ground Sprinklers

In-ground sprinkler (View On Amazon) systems are the most excellent and most productive way to water your landscape without squandering important water.

Since sprinkler heads are deliberately set and the water yield is carefully coordinated, in-ground sprinkler systems donate you the most extreme control over how and when your yard is watered.

In a commonplace system, an organization of retractable sprinkler heads is buried almost 12 inches underneath the surface. Each sprinkler head is deliberately set based on the sun introduction, height, and zones of the encompassing scene. Water is carried all through the pipe by way of a weight system.

An in-ground sprinkler system offers the comfort of splashing water specifically where it ought to go and the opportunity to mechanize your watering plan agreeing to your needs. DIY sprinkler system establishment can save you money.

9. Stream sprinkle

This is another type of sprinkler (View On Amazon) to water the small and medium-size lawn. These are much suitable for small-medium yards. Such sprinkles are quick functionality with multi-stream gear which are driven rotors. It acquired a large lot of various sprinkle heads as well.

The amazing about such a stream sprinkle it has a 180 degree ARC disc which is a good thing. Also consists of a nozzle that has apparently been struck by something.

Such a stream has rotatory watering shoot out which spreading water vertical. Mostly used for the small-medium because of less flow control. Such sprinkle not work much well if there is less water pressure.

10. Pop-Up Sprinklers

Pop-ups are extreme in water conveyance systems for your grass and garden. They offer awesome ease of use whereas being concealed when not in utilize and are particularly planned as a portion of a system to offer the greatest water effectiveness.

Pop-up sprinkler (View On Amazon) frameworks are perfect for numerous diverse sorts of gardens. They can be utilized to water grass zones to blossom beds and borders as well.

Pop-ups ordinarily have 15mm channel strings and come with variable circular segment spouts or settled splash nozzles. Both have different toss characteristics. Pop-ups should be put equally separated with the shower coming from the head of one sprinkler to the head of the following sprinkler.

This guarantees full scope and no dry spots.


Pop-Up Sprinklers (View On Amazon) is our best choice after all research about different types of sprinklers but that comes with some limitations like that is not for large lawn but you can use multiple numbers of that type of sprinkler.

Here you get the knowledge about lawn sprinkler types and we suggest some best types of lawn sprinklers for different sizes of lawns. some of them are best for large size lawns and some of them for small and medium according to their functionality.

I hope this article helps you a lot in choosing the best lawn sprinkler according to your need. If you like our efforts then please give your feedback in the comment box.

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