Lawn Sprinkler Head types (Quick Buying Guide 2022)

When we give water to a lawn with help of a sprinkler and water passes through the straight pipeline and passes through a space swing that straightly compels water to spray in the air like fire spark and then awake on the ground and irrigate the lawn.

This process of irrigation is done with a sprinkle head. So if you looking for the best lawn sprinkler head types you are at the right station.

In this article, you’ll learn and inform about all types of lawn sprinkle heads and at the end of this, you would be able to choose the best one for you. Because it’s our duty and mission to provide right and alternative information to our viewers. So let’s begin.

lawn sprinkler head types,

What are lawn sprinkle head types?

What are lawn sprinkle head types? No doubt there are many types of sprinkles in the market before buying you should know which one is best for you. For that purpose, you should know first your lawn length and size of lawn slope water pressure and flow rate which means watering flow control should be good.

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There are three Sprinkle types we discuss here. These are our best choice and these sprinkle types are mostly used in every home for those who know the best sprinkle.

1. Rotors Sprinklers Head | lawn sprinkler head types

These types of sprinklers’ heads are used for large throws and wide watering yards. If you happen every lawn that you need to water a minimum of 30 feet to 50 some of the rotors covers up to 50 feet in length.

The rotor’s main advantage is coverage of a large area its means if you have a 3acre or 4-acre lawn you must go with this.

The rotors have different kinds of nozzles which help in watering you should put them to different spray patterns. These nozzles are able to cover the selected area.

Best rotors Sprinklers:
Here we discuss the best Rotor sprinkler heads -4pack. This is made up of plastic material at a less costly price. The best thing about this item it is pressure activated with a triple-blade and dual functionality wiper seal which ensures a positive sprinkle reaction.

1. Having a 3 inches item height with 7 inches length
2. Rotating from 40 to 360 degrees
3. Heavy powerful duty covert for extra durability
4. Ideal for residential and commercial use

1. Only in black color
2. Made with plastic

2. Rotors impact Spray/lawn sprinkler head types

These are other types of heads. These are ones that have bent around for a long time some of such rotors have been above ground or below ground.

Most of these are found in public places like parks gardens nursery. These impact rotors shoot out a single flow(streamlet) of water that covers an area of 20 feet.

Such impacts nozzles shoot out the front and also shoot a little of their sides. Sometimes if you don’t care about this it’s wastewater.

For that, you should fix the water timing and nozzle for some time. Because too much watering cause to make the soil less fertile and produce more grubs warm pesticides underground.

Best impact Spray Sprinkler head:
Here we find the best Impact orbit 55200 Sprinkler (View On Amazon) head this is made with ABS plastic with 0.75 pounds weight. This is the best with a unique design. This has a height of 13inches which is good and 5 inches in length. This includes 1/2 inches thread side with a bottom inlet which helps in multiple installation systems.

1. Having a universal design of a replacement for old
2. It comes preinstalled with 35 feet spray distance nozzle
3. Easy to customize
4. Dual inlets with adjustable pattern

1. No

3. Pop up Spray heads/lawn sprinkler head types

The pop-up spray or also sprinkler head type comes in different sizes and heights. Normally you get them from 2inches to 18 inches.

Mostly 2,4 or 6-inch size is used for lawn and sometimes it depends on your lawn length and width. The pop-up
the spray is much reliable and useful for mini or average size lawn or tapered strips of turf.

The 4 pop-up is best for you because it has an inside spring with a plunger and thread keeper. This helps a sprinkler keep threads from being messed up without a nozzle.

Another advantage of this pop up that its nozzles consist of many ARCS and various distances which means you can get them as low as 6 feet as high as 16 or 18 well. So it’s the best choice you should go with this.

Best popup Sprinkler head:
Orbit 5562 (View On Amazon) has amazing popup qualities. This is an adjustable popup header with 40 to360 rotation. This includes a height of 8inches with a length of 20 inches. The best thing about this sprinkler header is it has a large spray distance which means it is able to spray 25 to 52 radius.

1. This popup has a compatible design and replacement system
2. Ideal for medium and large lawns
3. Adjustable pattern with bonus nozzles including
4. Rotating from 40 to 360 degree
5. Pre-installation with 3 gallons per minute nozzle

1. No disadvantage

Here are some important and frequently asked question ( FAQ ).

How long do the pop-up sprinklers last?

How long do the pop-up sprinklers last? 20 to 25 years.In order to say the truth everyone wants it to be worse or damaged not take a long era. And it also meets people’s expectations because it can use more than 20 or 25 years .its a long time it will be a very durable thing.

Can I mix and match sprinkler heads?

Can I mix and match sprinkler heads? No is the answer. Of course, it will not answer. Because sometimes you saw that every sprinkler’s head has its own water flow and throwing or shoot out water. That’s why mixing matching is not suitable for pop-up spray or router even impact head. These three are different.

What is the most efficient sprinkler head?

What is the most efficient sprinkler head? Pop-up orbit 5562. There are many headers on the market but Pop-up orbit 5562 is the best and most efficient sprinkler header in the world. Because it’s an amazing 40 to 360 rotating power which covers a lawn thorough watering very well. This is much ideal worker for medium lawns.

How many sprinklers do I put in a zone?

How many sprinklers do I put in a zone? 4 to 6. Its calculation is separate in every yard because it depends on the nature of the lawn. It will tell the size of your yard. If you have an average yard then you will need to put three or four. If you have a medium or large lawn you should place 4 to 6 sprinklers head in your yards.


Hope you this information if you have any questions ask given below and must share your sprinklers head experience with us.

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