9 Eye-Opening Lawn Care Tips for Spring

In this informative article, you will learn about how to take care of the lawn in early spring. I will share some important lawn care tips for spring that help you a lot to renovate your lawn after winter properly. These tips and techniques are very helpful for my lawn and I hope that should bring the same results for you.

Here I will share a complete step-by-step guide for having a beautiful lawn but I also add a list of important tips that would be easy to memorize. You can also create a checklist of those tips and follow them while taking care of the lawn in early spring.

If you belong to those areas where snow falling happens in winter you need some extra steps to turn burnt brown lawn grass to green. But this is not much complicated so you can easily follow that step and have a lush green lawn soon.

Actually, after the winter season, lawn grass turns a little bit brown grass in normal areas but in snowfall areas, that condition could be worst so lawn care tips help you to turn it green.

Lawn Care Tips for spring | Early Lawn Care Tips

  • First of all, you need to do a soil test that helps to know what nutrient you need to apply.
  • After the soil test, you have to know about the grass type of your lawn according to that you have to use fertilizer.
  • The best time renovation of your lawn is when your lawn soil’s average temperature is around 22 °C, don’t start too early.
  • There is another problem is that you have to control is Grubs ( Lawn-pest-Control ) (View On Amazon) and you use this product.
  • The next thing you have to do to your lawn is weed Prevention ( Lawn Weed Killer ) (View On Amazon). You can read our other articles about weed control, lawn pest control, and much other helpful information about lawn care.
  • After that, you have to start mowing and cut the grass around 1 and a half inches.
  • Then you can dethatch your lawn which helps to reach nutrients to the soil and grass-root for better growth.
  • You can also aerate your lawn after that for this purpose you can use this tool ( Mantis Mini-Tiller 7268 )(View On Amazon).
  • Then you can clean the debris and (overseed your lawn) (View On Amazon) and take care of moisture on your lawn.
  • The final step is to use (starter fertilizer) (View On Amazon) that helps to germinate the new seed fast without burning them. These are the best practices that give me good results and I hope that would be the best for your lawn.

For getting a more useful and complete guide about spring lawn care then follow the whole article to learn more.

Here is a complete guide for you to learn basic and advanced things about lawn care. This information would be enough for taking good care of your lawn and you don’t need a professional for this purpose.

1. Do Soil Test

In winter lawn grass turn brown because of less sunlight and UV and the photosynthates process is not take place properly. In the early spring, you need to turn brown grass to lush green and for that purpose, you need to take some serious steps.

First of all, you have to do the soil test because without knowing the nutrient quantity and soil PH, you can not grow your lawn properly. By doing the test, we are aware of the condition of the soil and what we have to add to improve the soil quality to grow lawn grass fast and easily.

Most people skip that step, but if you want to turn your brown lawn grass into lush green grass then you have to do the soil test. You can also do this test by yourself with the use of a test kit. ( Soil Savvy – Soil Test Kit ).

These two tools are used in soil tests:

  1. Soil Probe Tool – ( Check the Latest Price on Amazon )
  2. Soil Savvy Test Kit : ( Check Latest Price on Amazon )

2. Mow your lawn

It is good practice to mow your lawn after the winter season because small grass is easy to turn from brown to green. You have to take care of the mower blade, if the mower blade is not sharp that is not suitable for your lawn grass.

Must take care of your lawnmower and you have also knowledge about winterizing lawnmowers. For getting the best result, you need to consider these small and simple steps. If your lawn is not level then mowing could not be done properly and you have to level your lawn if it is possible.

3. Get Rid of Moles and Grubs

After mowing your lawn, you can easily find mole holes and grubs on your lawn. If you find moles and grubs then you need to get rid of them. There are many ways and products that are available to kill moles and grubs.

4. Prevent Weed

Weed is basically an unwanted plant that grows anywhere but when it grows in the lawn that makes it less attractive. You have to get rid of weeds before doing further steps for having a lush green lawn.

There are different types of weeds so you have to identify the weed and after that, you have to use weed killer spray or powder for killing them. There are different methods of killing different weeds because one method is not suitable for every type of weed to kill.

5. Dethatching

You know that after the winter season detaching is a good practice because that removes the thick thatch layer that could become a barrier between the nutrient and the soil.

lawn care tips for spring

If you apply fertilizer and that could not reach the soil level then this could not be useful. If the thatch layer is more than 1 inch then you need to dethatch it. No doubt thatch is useful for keeping the moisture but a thicker layer is the barrier to grass growth.

At least after a year, dethatching is necessary to keep your soil full of nutrients, water, and air easily reach to the soil that helps to grow the grass very well.

6. Aerating

The next important step is the aerating of your lawn. Aerating is a good practice for compact soil. It helps to rich water, seed, air, and fertilizer in deep soil and grows the grass smoothly. It mostly depends on the soil type of your lawn to aerate.

The aerating time depends upon the grass type, for warm-season grass you have to aerate late spring to early summer. But for cool-season grass, you have to aerate it in fall.

Just like other steps, this is also very important and you need to consider it.

7. Overseed

Due to cool weather in winter, the photosynthates process goes slow down because of less sunlight and UV. Grass turns brown in winter and sometimes it totally burnt due to snowfall. It may be a cause of patchy grass and you have to fix patchy grass by overseeding.

The best time for overseeding is late spring for warm-season grass and just like that fall is best for cool-season grass. You need to take care of these simple things to achieve good results.

You can overseed according to the need of your lawn and for that purpose, you can also use a seed spreader and set the spreading quantity level.

8. Fertilize

The second last but important step of this process, after overseeding you can use a starter fertilizer to germinate the new seed fast and provide a required nutrient to your lawn soil.

After overseeding, you don’t need to use general fertilizer that may burn the new seed but after sowing the new seed you use the fertilizer and fulfill the nutrient requirement. According to the soil test, you can use a fertilizer that fertile the soil and provide the necessary nutrient to get good results.

9. Water

In completing the total spring lawn process, you have to water the grass according to the weather condition. You must take care of the temperature and according to the requirement of watering your lawn.

If you don’t care about this step that could not beneficial for your lawn. Overwatering is not the growth factor of lawn grass. You need to take care of the soil-absorbing capacity of your lawn.

I hope, you will get the best solution and lawn care tips for spring. For more information you can check out our whole site, you will get very helpful knowledge about lawn care. Best lawn gear or tool suggestions are also provided on this site.


In this comprehensive article about lawn care tips for spring, you get very helpful knowledge and we also give you suggestions of the best tools that make your work easy with good quality.

You can follow these steps and get very positive results because these are doing very well for me. Make the checklist that I provide you in the early paragraph of this article.

I hope you like our efforts, you can give your feedback in the comment box, and need some suggestions regarding lawn care you can ask, we try to answer your query as soon as possible.

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