How to Turn Brown Grass Green Fast

Are you disappointed with the situation of your lawn? But don’t worry about this how to turn brown grass green fast. First of all, examine the situation of your lawn, grass is fully or partially turn to brown grass.

If your lawn is full of brown grass then you need a little bit of extra effort to turn it into green grass. Otherwise, it is possible that your lawn partially turns to brown grass then you need some specific guidelines to turn the brown grass quickly.

Before going to the deep guidelines of turning the brown grass to green, I want to answer some short and important frequently asked questions ( FAQ ).

How can I make my brown grass green fast?

How can I make my brown grass green fast? In this article, you’ll get the ultimate guide about how to turn brown grass green fast, but in short first, you have to kill the weeds from your lawn and detach your lawn. After that, you have to use some high-quality seed and starter fertilizer that will help to germinate the seed fast. In a short time, you will turn your ugly brown lawn into a lush green lawn.

Will watering brown grass make it green?

Will watering brown grass make it green? Yeah, but watering the brown grass to turn it into green grass not much so you have to follow some important steps that help to turn it into a green lawn. Read the whole article that helps you a lot and complete guidelines for turning the brown grass to green fast.

How can I make my grass green fast?

Afcource, it is possible to make your grass green fast but you have to follow the complete guideline to get that result. In this article, we, share a very useful guide that helps you to turn your grass green fast.

How do you revive brown grass?

Your lawn grass turns brown due to the lack of attention like water to your lawn is not regularly. If you don’t use the lawnmower, fertilizer, and weed killer on time that tends to destroy your lawn soon so take care of it to revive your lawn and can also follow the step by step guideline in this article.

Here is a Complete “step-by-step guide” to turning your ugly brown grass lawn into a lush green lawn fast!

how to turn brown grass green fast,

Where to start?

Right timing

The most reliable time to turn brown grass green fast is fall which means its much suitable if you grow your lawn in the month of August or early September it’s perfect timing for that purpose and in midwest areas its 200% best as compared to another transition area so you should prefer September for finding good results soon and follow below steps carefully.

Lets Jumping to green lawn

Lawn startup mowing

First of all, you have to mow your lawn and set the cutting blade height at a very low level. The use of a lawnmower with wavy cutting edges in low blade size helps you to remove dead grass from the surface that stands just as a deadly leaf. And only clean and powerful grass will survive on the surface.

That’s the first step that is important to remove the local dead grass layer because as long as dead grass will remain inside the landscape its has no use and harms the fertility of the earth.

Weeds and Grubs killing

The main step for greeny grass is to kill many weeds as possible because that’s the reason that lawn grass started its destroying. These weeds and many lawn insects pesticides and grubs worms when starting his generation it produced fast and makes the grassroots his food and completely starts destroying them day by day.

So it’s important to use grubs or weeds killers to get rid of it. Many insects hollow the roots so that the grass is not worth birth soon. For this purpose, you should use the given below best weed grubs killer.

These help the roots to improves their fertility and the grass to decrease the dead patches day by day.

These weeds killer are best for lawns because of their harms and kills only lawn grubs and insects, not the lawn grass that’s why it’s our top recommendation and experienced product. These killers work like a guard defender of grass using 3 times in week give expressive results in the yard.

NameCheck Free
1. Smith contractor weed killer spray View on Amazon
2. Best Pareen lawn weed crab killerView on Amazon
3. Scotts turf builder weed controllerView on Amazon
Lawn aearation and solution

After the weeds cleaning the most important step Aerate your lawn for seeding because aeration is a much important step for lawn grass. For this purpose, you should have an aeration machine.

The Core aeration machine is expensive in price but doesn’t worry it’s mostly available for rent for 3 to 5 hours at a few prices. The Core aeration process of three to four hours is the best helper because this less the soil compaction which is our first need to prevent a lawn Core aeration helps the under soil roots to give accessing the grass to spread its roots and grow deeper and deeper as they want and less soil compaction eliminates such steps.

The aeration also provides a channel of nutrients that give access to water and air which reach roots and then roots encourage grass to grow taller and thicker as well.

Fo 2 are 3 times in two months is the best choice for aerating your lawn and that you should do before the September or one month before grass growing. This helps the soil to increase its fertility and prepare its compaction very excellently. In short, the aeration is exactly like a punched hole in the soil for new seeding.

Go green Seeding

Then the step command of planting new seed which is much important that what kind of grass you need and what type of grass your lawn grow very. There are two types of grass cool season and warm seasons grasses but the Augustine and tall fescue are best for such condition and if you grow in august the Augustine is made for you.

So for seed purposes, it’s important to choose the right speed for the greeny lawn. Most people in a hurry take the wrong seed decision that doesn’t match with their soil and grass grows much slower and dulled thinner in looks.

What kind of seed to use that i use?

Mostly two types of seeds is most recomendable and these are given below.

  • Johnathan green [ I personally stick with this and love his results.]
  • Lesco lawn seeding
Johnathen green

These are best johnathen green seed you should selects your favourite one.

1. Johnathan Green 40322View on Amazon
2. Johnathan Gareen Grass SeedView on Amazon
3. Jonathan Green 103315View on Amazon
4. Johanthen Gareen lawn soil loverView on Amazon
Lesco lawn seeding

These are best lesco seed pick your favourite one.

1. Scotts EZ SeedView on Amazon
2. Scotts Grass ThickerView on Amazon
3. Scotts 21605View on Amazon
4. Green view 2829337View on Amazon
5. Water Saver Grass SeedView on Amazon

Now my personal choice is Johnathan Green Grass Seed but you should pick that one seed and stick with it, don’t change the seed every year because changing eliminates the soil roots spreading and the whole lawn become a mess and smelly when the season is out using Johnathan Green Grass Seed helps you to grow your lawn with tall grass for a long time.

Startup Fertilizer

Then after choosing the seed must pickup a fertilizer actually the fertilizer is the right way that a lawn care person gives his lawn But Use of the right starter fertilizer helps you to germinate the seed and that starter fertilizer (View On Amazon) is different from regular fertilizer. Don’t use the regular fertilizer that will burn out the seed.

So these below are the best fertilizer the main advantages of this fertilizer these are eco friendly and pet safe and no nontoxic action that creates burn-in under roots. These fertilizers are organically best and improve the soil fertility if you use them well in amount.

1. Scotts 21605 Lawn Food for New GrassView on Amazon
2. Organic Gabriel FertilizerView on Amazon
3. ESPoma EOFW30View on Amazon
4. ESPoma TP6View on Amazon
Best eco friendly and pet safe fertilizer

The right seeding of your lawn with Espoma UL30 Fertilizer according to your yard size is much compatible but this fertilizer has no amount harm as good you seed as fast results received. These fertilizers are the best helpers for lawn growth and work fast. So you should give good seeding to your lawn.

Watering lawn

After seeding the watering the seed 2 to 3 times a day and keep moist your seed whole day is very necessary. For this purpose using sprinkle when you think soil dry again watering your lawn watering in right good amount in the morning is more helpful for grassroots.

For more about watering amount and strategy: Best time to water grass

  • Use sprinkle

But use an automatic sprinkler is the most profitable and time saver watering technique. The sprinkle watering your lawn is 20 to 40 minutes easily and watering with sprinkle is best because sprinkle shoots up water into the air then down landscape and access to the grassroots with the slow-release station.

Which is best sprinkle for you: Best sprinkle for lawn

The use of watering early morning and evening is the best time and try to avoid watering in the afternoon when sunshine is up because sharp shine light warms the soiled grass upper layer so watering in such condition causes the grass dead again. So avoid and use morning right timing.

Mowing with Mower

Lawnmower use is an important element of lawn growth. For that purpose not mowing for at least the first four weeks when you think grass reaches 3 to 4 inches mowing 1 time in a week.

While mowing with a mower it’s important to Walk Behind Mower and noticing the grass cutting depth and level for initially mowing conditions and adjusting and checking the blade cutting height.

Gentle mowing for the first few times and after proper growing mowing with mower 6 times in one month and must keep staying away from pets kids and kind of party from lawn riding lawnmower.


Our clipping for the first 2 months if possible otherwise, grass clipping clog the whole and stop the irrigation of new grass this is important if you have resources. When the lawn is stable then you can use any kind of mower and stay remain clipping over there. Always use a well-tuned lawnmower or you can change a new cutting blade to give a good quality cut.

Because less blade sharper not work fully in mowing and damaged grass layer so it’s important to avoid kids and pets from the mower. Otherwise, it will destroy your lawn.

I suggest 2 to 3 and half-height of lawn grass is many compatible looks for any lawn grass because 2 to 3 inches is enough to transform the grass looks.

In the initial stages of grass growing avoid pets and kids going on grass surfaces because the ground is soft. And don’t spend too much time on the grass. In this process of growing sometime after 1 or half month, you should enjoy new lawn thick and tall grass as well.

Don’t use any lawn boost supplement it will good for an established lawn but not for the new renovating lawn. So it’s better to avoid newbies lawn growth and after two to three years of growing not much essential but using is reliable and applicable.

So it’s the complete process you must do and after this wait for few weeks or 30 to 40 days and you would see dazzling result and grass grow fully greeny and landscape turning towards fertility grassy lawn.


Lawn care is an important element of home nature so you should take proper right care and for more information read our article and apply a complete lawn guide on your yard.

Hope you should like these steps and must share your experience with us given below if you have any question must ask in comments.

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