How To Store Lawn Mower In Garage | 10 Tips

Are want to get the answer to ”How to store lawn mower in garage”, then you are in the right spot here you will get all answers to your query related to this topic.

How To Store Lawn Mower In Garage. As you know that using a garage is a place where you can store vehicles or any other electronic types of equipment. Many people use the garage for purposes like workshops and storing different tools and equipment. Basically, a garage can be attached to your home or separately built for storing things safely.

Using the garage for storing giant equipment like a lawnmower wisely could be challenging for you. But don’t worry here give you some ideas and solutions for this issue to get maximum beneficial results.

Here we help you to provide some unique ideas and solutions for your important question and queries about storing lawn mowers in the garage.

Those are some important and frequently asked Questions from many lawnmower consumers ( FAQ ).

How to store lawnmowers in the garage?

How to store lawnmowers in the garage? This is one of the frequently asked questions about storing lawnmowers in the garage. It depends upon many different factors like garage storage space and lawnmower companies allow to store lawn mowers vertically or not and many other factors. In this comprehensive article, you can get the solution to all your questions.

Is it safe to store lawnmowers in the garage?

Is it safe to store lawnmowers in the garage? Yes, absolutely it is safe to place your lawnmower in the garage but you have to consider some important aspects for storing the lawnmower safely. Read the whole article that helps you store lawnmowers in the garage safely.

Can I store my lawnmower vertically?

Can I store my lawnmower vertically? This is one of the most important questions for those people who have limited space in a garage to store a lawnmower and want to store it vertically. First of all, this is not a safe way to store a lawnmower vertically because fuel and oil may drip into the engine of your lawnmower and you would not want that but if you empty the fuel tank and oil fully then you can place it vertically but this is not recommended to do that. You have to read the lawn using a manual and get information that the company manufacture for that type of storage and then take such kind of step.

Should I change the oil lawnmower before or after winter?

Lawnmowers are expensive and if you want to run them for years then you have to maintain them by using the manufacturer and experts’ methods how they suggest using them. There is another related question related to this one. Should I change the oil before or after storage? so get the answer to both queries because these are related to each other.

The answer to this important question is yes because old oil contains moisture, acid, and gasoline that can be harmful to keeping the lawnmower for a long time without starting so you have to drain the oil and fuel completely before storing the lawnmower and after that period you have to put fresh oil and fuel for preparing the mower for the spring season. We hope you get the answer to your query and if you have any doubt you can ask in the comment box below.

Can I leave my lawnmower outside in the winter?

If you can adjust the lawn-mower to an indoor space you should not leave it outside because the lawnmower is not weatherproof and have many issues like rusting of the deck and many other issues after leaving it outside. But if there is no choice for you to store them inside then you have to follow some important steps to keep the lawnmower outside.

  • Fully drained the oil and fuel completely.
  • Otherwise gasoline, soot, and acid damage the internal engine
  • Keep the lawn mower above ground level
  • Clean the deck and blades before leaving them outside
  • If the lawnmower has any issues first fix them
  • Cover the lawnmower tightly with a tarp that is best against rain and snow
  • Make sure the tarp is not damaged and the mower is above the ground
how to store lawn mower in garage,

As you know that this is not an ideal thing to leave the lawn-mower outside but if you have no choice then you can follow the steps that help you to save your mower.

How to store lawn mower in garage, Best and suitable method of storing lawn-mowers in winter-time.

As an owner of a backyard and lawn-mower, you know that you have to maintain the equipment used in taking care of the lawn, and a lawnmower is one of them. In the winter season, you have to store it and save it from damage because the mower is not used for several months and you have to store it safely.

how to store lawn mower in garage,

For this purpose, you have to know some important and critical steps that help you to save your lawnmower from severe damage. Here we help you, with how to winterize your lawn and give you some ideas for lawn mower storage that help you a lot.

There is a step-by-step guide to storing lawnmowers in the garage that is beneficial for you. Lawn mower storage solutions.

Here you will get complete knowledge to prepare your lawnmower for the winter season.

  1. First of all, you have to clean the blade and deck area but before that, you have to turn off the fuel and unplug the spark plug for safety.
  2. After that, you have to take off the blade by using the tool for that purpose and that is a good time to sharpen the dull blade.
  3. For cleaning purposes first, you have to use a brush that removes hard material stick around the deck and after that use, a pressure washer to clean the remaining things from the deck of the lawnmower easily.
  4. After washing the deck area then you have to dust off by using soapy water to the whole mower and then dry it with a blower completely.
  5. Next step after drying the lawnmower you have to put on back the mower blade.
  6. Now this is a very important step in fuel stabilizer and if the stabilizer is not good that can gum up with air and destroy the interior of engine and stabilizer helps to prevent such type of issues so must use stabilizer before winterizing the lawnmower that is crucial.
  7. If you have an electric lawn mower then you have to fully charge the battery before winterizing and you can store it.
  8. The next step is to check the air filter if the quality is good then clean it and put back otherwise replace it with a good quality filter.
  9. After that, you have to pour some fresh engine oil and close it tightly.
  10. Unplug the spark plug and clean it and after that tight at their place and don’t connect the wire after that process.
  11. Use some oil that helps your lawn to stop the rusting like fogging oil and make sure that the fuel tank is completely drained out and never forget to use a stabilizer to avoid the problem that could happen in the spring season.

If you do not understand then you can watch this video to winterize your lawn mower safely.


How to store lawn mower in garage? I hope you get the complete and best information about how to store the lawnmower in the garage. That article would help you to store your lawn more safely and then you can easily use them in the next season of spring without any issue.

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