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How to Get Rid of Wide Blade Grass | Bestlawngear

How to get rid of wide blade grass? I hate that damn blade of grass. It’s so difficult to get rid of and it always seems to invade my yard. Fortunately, I found blade grass in my landscape and I felt very bad unless recovered and removed him, in this particular guide you will learn some specific methods which are enough to deal with blade grass.

How to get rid of wide blade grass? Preventing the seeds from germinating keep your landscape blade grass free. Start by taking care of your lawn, and use a pre-emergent herbicide while delaying weed and feed until azaleas are in bloom. Wide-bladed grass can be prevented before it even starts with this technique which consists of applying weed and feed after azaleas are in bloom.

How to get rid of wide blade grass

Wide blade grass is a wonderfully-green plant that grows in many yards. However, it can take over your yard and make it look ugly. In this article, you’ll learn how to get rid of wide blade grass and keep it at bay!

5 Best Methods to Get Rid of Wide Blade Grass

  • Wide blade grass is difficult to remove. It is often best to till the soil and then remove large blades of grass by hand so that they are not able to grow back.
  • For larger areas, use a lawn aerator or a blower to remove the plant material before it can set seed.
  • Another option is to use an herbicide that only kills broad-leaf plants.
  • The most important way to get rid of wide blade grass is to remove the flowers at the base of the plant. If you let the flower die, new shoots will not grow from it and the plant will die. Be sure to use herbicides specifically for broadleaf plants or they could harm your garden.
  • The second solution is just quickly cutting them all down. The best way to do this is to go outside and use a weed whacker.

You have to be very careful not to hurt yourself, but you should also be aware that this could take several hours.

How to Get Rid of Wide Blade Grass

Grass can be a beautiful addition to a landscape, but for some, it can also be an unwanted nuisance. If you find yourself plagued with grass that is wider than the seed head, it may be time to remove the grass. There are many ways to get rid of the grass and there is no one way to “cure” wide blade grass. However, there are many ways to manage the grass.

How to manage the wide blade grass?

Step 1 – Identify the Problem: The first thing you need to do is identify why you have wide blade grass. There are a variety of reasons for this problem. You may have planted your grass seed too deep, allowing the roots to grow out of view.

You may be growing weeds or plantain along with your grass, which makes it wider than normal grass blades. Or, you may have to rototill too deeply and loosen up your soil.

You may have overseeded or under seeded your lawn, again causing the grass to become wider than normal. Last, you may have a fungus that is allowing the grass blades to grow in width.

Step 2 – Remove the Grass Dig up: your seed and remove all of the sod with a rototiller or hand cultivator. You may also want to dig out weeds by hand as well. If you are growing weeds that seem to be getting bigger than normal, or have plantains sprouting in your lawn, you may have a fungal lawn disease.

Step 3 – Cut or Shave Your Lawn: Now that the grass is out of the way, you can clean up and begin to layout your new sod. Either cut it down with a rototiller or hand cut it with a clipper. If you want to seed your lawn but you do not have time for this step, spray the bare spots on your lawn with an animal repellant before laying out the sod.

Step 4 – Apply a Fertilizer/Pest Control: Next you will want to apply a fertilizer to the bare spots of your lawn. You can use any type of seedling fertilizer. A two-three pound bag is usually sufficient, but it may be necessary to apply more depending on how much grass was removed and how many bare spots are left on your lawn.

Tip For You:

It is also necessary to add a herbicide if needed, just make sure that you read the directions on the label before. Apply it to the bare spots at least three weeks after the sod has been laid out. By doing such things you successfully manage the wide blade grass.

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