How to Get Rid of Weeds in lawn | Quick Guide

How to get rid of weeds in Lawn? Weeds spoil the beauty of flower beds and lawn grass but there are a lot of methods to get rid of weeds on the lawn. weed can be killed by chemicals, mechanical equipment, and other household chemicals like citrus juice, baking soda, sugar, Alcohol, and salted water.

What is a Weed?

Basically, weeds are an unsightly and undesired plant that spoils the beauty of the lawn. Weed is not a special type of plant, it is considered an undesirable plant in specific situations and grows in the wrong place.

Weeds are in approximately up to twenty different types and different types of methods are used to kill them. The roots of some weeds like Dandelion are very deep and some particular chemical are used to kill this type of weed.

Here we discuss some effective methods to kill the weeds and make your lawn very attractive.

  • Use of Mechanical equipment like a hoe
  • Use of Industrial Chemicals like Tenacity Weed Control
  • Use of Household chemicals like Bleach
  • Use of bark mulch
  • Covered with carpet or plastic material
  • Burn with Gas fire

Now I will describe one by one these methods to get rid of weeds

1. Use of Mechanical equipment like a hoe:

The use of hoe is a very effective method to kill weeds. Stirrup hoe could be a better choice in some cases but not for every situation. There are many different types of hoe available that are made for different lawn or yard layouts. so choose the best and most suitable hoe that is good for your lawn area and grass type.

If weeds are grown extensively on the flower beds and smooth grass area it could be slightly to use hoe then you can use other methods to get rid of weeds. But you have to take care of it that you have to use hoe is pleasant weather otherwise in the wet season.

get rid of weeds in lawn

After hoeing the weeds their roots can regrow and continue their growth because that is not completely dead as a whole so you have to take care of them. Every method has some benefits as well as drawbacks. This is an organic method and does not harm the soil but the use of chemicals is easy but could be harmful to the soil.

One more important thing about this method is that your equipment like a hoe that comes in different designs and for different should be sharp that fully kill the weeds from their roots.

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2. Use of Industrial Chemicals like Tenacity Weed Control

The second most important and easy method to kill weeds. The use of industrial chemicals is a very easy method but you have to take care of some important factors to get possible benefits.

You have to you the Herbicides in dry weather because in dry weather chemicals can kill the weed effectively and affect the root of the weed and kill them fully and inhibit the further growth of weeds. Otherwise, that chemical could not kill them fully and it could harmful to other grass and can affect the grass.

how to get rid of weeds in lawn

The use of herbicides is very easy and where the other physical methods failed they could be effective for them. That herbicide kills the weeds before growing but some other method could not use for that purpose.

This method is used for a single time but on the other hand, hoeing is a repetitive process to get rid of weeds. But one of the major drawbacks of this method is could harm the soil.

Here we have to know about the good Herbicides that have such type of characteristics.

  • Mobility within plants
  • Molecular structure
  • selective
  • fate in soil
  • Environment friendly

These are two product you can use for this purpose that is very effective for killing the weed and are environment friendly.

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  3. Dye/Colorant: Click Here or Click Here (View on Amazon)

You can also use this type of sprayer Pump:

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This is one of the best recommended Walk Behind Mover to make a beautiful lush lawn.

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3. Use of Household Chemical like Bleach

How to get rid of weeds in lawn with the Use of Household Chemical

  • Spray Citrus Juice on Weeds:

One of the best household methods to kill weeds. Is it worth it?

Yes, it could be but there are up to twenty different types of weed plants. some of them are easily killed by using Citus juice but some types are hard to kill by this method because they can survive and regrow after applying this specific method. There are many other methods available for killing every type of weed but every method is not suitable for every type of weed.

  • Make Weed Killer Herbicides

This is another weed killer in which you can add 2 to 3 different chemicals and apply to the weeds that are effective like add adding baking soda citrus juice and some other chemical to make effective herbicides.

  • Cover Weed plant with Oil

Cover the weed plants with oil and stop the photosynthesis process to kill the weeds that are also an effective method but this could not be used in every situation.

  • Use of Boiling Salt Water

Using boiling water over the weed plant can kill them and after some days these weed plants going to die but how much this method is effective depends if every weed plant burns very well then that could be dead otherwise it will regrow its roots.

  • Pour Vinegar On Weeds

This is also a very popular domestic method to kill the weed as other methods are very effective in some situations and in some situations, they could be failed. Baking soda, Alcohol, and bleach are also used for killing weeds and that is very effective in some cases.

4. Use of bark mulch

The use of bark mulch to kill or stop the weeds to germinate is an old method to kill and stop growing fast. In this method we use bark mulch around the plants of our lawn, yard, and garden to stop the weeds that need the surface of the soil to germinate and grow so by using this mulch we break the connection from the surface and they could not germinate and our crops grow easily.

Every method has some benefits and drawbacks and this method also has some good and bad.

This method is very useful for some types of weed and applicable in some situation like where we grow plants that are a little bit high from the surface of soil that method work perfectly but when we have to grow grass or such crops that are very close to the surface of the earth then this method going to fail because that kills the grass also with weeds.

some types of weeds are killed with the method but not all so some weeds can survive under this situation also but this method is nature friendly and does not harm the soil and environment.

5. Covered with carpet or plastic material

Covered weeds with carpet or plastic material is another method to kill the weed to stop sunlight. But this is just like the bark mulch method applicable to some situations.

Covered weeds with carpet are very good to kill them when you have to kill weeds in a specific place. Cover that place and when you check after that weeds will die.

But like other methods, this list is dependable for some situations like when you have to grow crops and then you could not cover the land. so you have to apply another method like hoeing or the use of Herbicides to get rid of weeds.

6. Burn with Gas fire

This is the last and one of the best methods to kill weeds. In this method, you burn the weeds selectively with gas fire. This method is a moderate level of effectiveness because the gas fire burns the leaves of weeds but could not burn the roots of weeds. some weeds have deep roots so they could manage to survive after applying this method.

Burn Weed from lawn

You have to take care of something while doing this method for killing the weeds that no dry grass or bush near to you otherwise that fire convert to bush fire and you will not expect that situation.

This method is applied in dry weather because it helps to kill the weeds from their root level that could not survive and your method will get effective results.


These are some effective and popular methods to get rid of weeds. Every method is not for all types of weeds and situations, so you have to know about the method that could be very effective for some specific situation and you apply and get effective results.

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