How to Get Rid of Sand Spurs in your Yard | 2022

Sandspur is a grassy annual weed also known as burgrass weed mostly growing in late summer in lawns and gardens. Actually, the cause behind this particular grass weed is when sand spikes flourish in full sun and soils with low nitrogen levels, so following legitimate watering, manure, and taking care of practices can assist with delivering lawn adequately thick to conceal out the weeds.

How to get rid of sand spurs in your yard? Sandspur weed growth in lawns is natural but it’s necessary to prevent their growth if they exist within the grass.

How to Remove them?

To get rid of sandspurs in your yard instantly Applying corn gluten meal is the best way to remove them. By taking action in the right way, you will free your lawn from sandspur and many other weeds.

How to get rid of sand spurs in your yard

Sandspur is a plant grass family these grass weeds are mostly found in America Asia Africa and Australia. Although burgrass is toxic-free but removing them from the landscape initially is mandatory otherwise it’s painful if you walk barefoot and prevents grass excessive growth too.

How you do that? Here is the complete comprehensive guide by following this below information you will easily make your yard sandspur free.

Let’s dive inside.

How to Get Rid of Sand Spurs in Your Yard | 8 Solution

These are the eight ways to get rid of sand spurs from lawns and gardens in 2022.

  • Apply corn gluten meal
  • Spray dithiopyr herbicide
  • White vinegar & salt
  • Pull sand spurs manually with hand
  • Best southern sandspur killer
  • Mow with lawnmower
  • Use rack tool
  • Celsius WG Herbicide

1. Apply corn gluten meal-Best Method to Kill Sand Spurs

Apply corn gluten meal is one of the finest methods to make your yard sandspur free . Actually, it’s a natural remedy that also includes sulfur dioxide minerals and amino acids by sprinkling them on plants of burr weeds you will get rid of them.

How do you do that? For this purpose take corn meal gluten and apply 25 pounds per 1,000 square feet and wait for some hours it start subdue and vanquish the weeds from there thas all you needed.

There is no bad impact of gluten so apply on your lawn without any hesitation. Repeat the process two to three times a month approximately if your lawn grass has much amount of these burgrass weeds then continuos applying these solutions until you will get complete success.

Not only burgrass weeds gluten has the ability to remove crabgrass foxtail and pigweed. So don’t underestimate the Overpowered gluten this must be your first choice.

2. Spray dithiopyr herbacide

The second quickest method to get rid of sandspur is sprinkling this particular Amazon invention dithiopyr herbicide. This also has the amazing ability to remove the plant of sandspur from your yard all you need to apply Spray dithiopyr herbicide.

For Spraying dithiopyr herbicide all, you need to apply that solution to other affected areas apply the amount according to the need of the grass grow excessively then used this in high amount if there are few sandspur plants then only spray and it will easily reduce the weeds and give you complete relief.

3. White vinegar & salt

The use of White vinegar & salt is another great natural way to tackle sandspur weeds in your lawn. For that purpose take a good amount of venigar and mix 4 cups spoon of salt in them mix them and apply them on the weeds repeat this process two times in a day and trust me magic happens.

Make sure you use white venigar and a good amount of solution on weeds, this particular solution has the ablity to kill many types of weeds that grow in lawns. So this is one of the best solutions which makes your work so easier.

4. Pull sand spurs manually with hand

Another best way to make your yard sandspur-free is just to pull sand spurs manually with your hand. For this purpose just wear lawn gloves and start putting sandspur vertically up and by doing this within half hour you will get rid of sand spur weeds from the lawn.

This is one of the best ways which donot demnads your single money but few efforts. If your lawn has weeds then you can also follow this method otherwise in large landscape areas this method takes time and your high effort.

5. Best southern sandspur killer

Apply Best southern sandspur killer which is also made for killing weeds in lawns and large landscapes, consequently, if you spray this particular solution on the weeds like sand spur crabgrass clovers, etc this will surely result in the form of their removal.

To apply this solution take a spray bottle fill them with southern weed killer and just apply the solution and it will start working on them and you will get success.

In case there are many other weeds in the grass you can also use this solution on them, it’s a huge weed killer herbicide that never acess weed longer in your landscape.

6. Mow with lawnmower

This method is also very simple to sound but very well for lawns and gardens especially. Yes, you Mow with a lawnmower every year over grass similarly do in case of weeds high the blade cutting depth size sharp the blade and strat mowing on sandspur weeds as tough and more you mow your lawn as well results comes.

Mow with mower until all weeds are removed this is an old and smart technology that is used o get rid of many pigweed crabgrass clovers weeds dandelions etc.

7. Use rack tool

Use rack tool in your lawn and put all sand spur manually, there are several tools that work really well and smartly all you need to use them on weeds they make your work simpler and provide you a healthier beneficial lawn grass.

All types of small-large weed plants are easily racked up with tools because some lawn tools specailly work to make your lawn weed-free. Instaed of buying expensive solutions and chemicals if you just go with the right tool you will easily get rid of sand spurs \from your landscape.

8. Celsius WG Herbicide

Another especially Amazon item named Celsius WG Herbicide enough to fulfill your needs, because this alos has many ingredients which kill the roots of sand spur and many others, the special about this item is this takes less time as compared to others and provides you results.

For applying Celsius WG Herbicide just spray them on lawn weeds and the solution starts damaging the roos nad weeds runners and within days they suppress and don’t grow longer. If you apply this solution two times a week this is quite enough to make your work very simpler and more instant.


If you are really interested you making lawn sand spur-free or weed-free pick a solution and just apply as quickly you execute as soon you will get results.


Does roundup kill sand spurs in the lawn?

Does roundup kill sand spurs in the lawn? Yes, Roundup kills sand spurs if they exist in your lawn and garden you can remove them by applying this particular solution. As roundup includes glyphosate and isopropylamine salt which have ablities to defend and stop sand spurs’ growth. So roundup is a great solution to get rid of sand spurs from your lawn.

What kills sand spurs but not grass?

Cornmeal gluten venigar and salt solutions roundup are the finest and safe methods to remove sand spurs from your lawn without damaging the grass. To kill grass-safe sandspurs all you need to apply these solutions in a good amount and you will see no growth removed permanently. If there are large areas covered with sandspurs you will spray roundup and get instant results.

Will 2,4-d kill sand spurs in the lawn?

Will 2,4-d kill sand spurs in the lawn? 2,4 d- donot kill sand spurs in the lawn largely but it will stop their growth and they donot grow more. It’s a selective weed killer if your lawn has Bahia and perennial grass then donot use this particular on them otherwise on large landscapes it works well to stop sand spurs growth.

Will vinegar kill sand spurs?

Will vinegar kill sand spurs? Yes, venigar is a well-known natural remedy that kills the sand spurs plants and prevents them to grow more . If your lawn and garden have sand spurs plants then this is the best method to kill them without hurting and damaging the grass. So keep continuing with venigar is the ideal choice.

Will Salt kill sand spurs?

Salt is another well-known natural remedy that helps to prevent many types of weeds and crabgrasses if your lawn has any type of sand spurs then you will apply salt to get rid of these irritating sand spurs.

Will nitrogen herbacides kill sand spurs lawn?

Nitrogen is a very interesting herbicide to kill sand spur of your lawn all you need to amend the nitrogen. Likewise, if you use cornmeal gluten which is a natural pre-emergent herbicide it also includes nitrogen by applying them on spur plants you easily prevent the growth of sandspur in lawn and free landscape within days. Apply nitrogen two times a day if there are many plants of sand spurs exist in your yard.

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