How To Cut Tall Grass Without a Mower (Quick Guide)

In this season, everyone doesn’t know how to cut tall grass without a mower. It’s very difficult to cut long grass, and it’s the perfect shape for your lawn to be a little complex. Maintaining a lawn or yard without a lawnmower is very easy when you use a shear, string trimmer, or hedge trimmer. I know this way is unique to cut grass by hand and managed because this method takes a little time.

However, a lawnmower can sometimes be expensive if you have a small garden or lawn. The lawnmower is very expensive like push lawnmower, riding lawnmower, the zero-turn lawnmower.etc. If you hire any company to maintain your lawn, it is definitely expensive to pay for it. I will recommend you can easily do it.

How to cut tall grass without a mower?

You can require some tools to the best way to cut overgrown grass. If you want to cut your lawnmower without a lawnmower is depends on the equipment you have available, or you borrow it.

1. Sickle

How to cut tall grass without a mower

A sickle harvest device to use to cut grass. It holds the frame along a sharp blade that cuts tall grass easily. Scissors is a pair of the sickles is more effective since they will cut through a large area of a lawn in a short period.

How to used Scythe Techniques

Once you get the hang of it, using a scythe is a breeze. It also burns a lot of calories without putting your muscles under stress.

To use a scythe, begin by gripping the top handle in your left hand and the central handle in your right.

Keep the scythe at your far right side, with arms straight out and blade parallel to the grass (at the height you wish to cut it) and the uncut grass to the left.

2. String trimmer

how to cut tall grass without a mower

Many homeowners have a lawnmower and a string trimmer, also known as a weed eater or weed wacker in some places. You might not have enough area for a lawnmower if you have a tiny yard, but a string trimmer is a terrific alternative. These are simple to keep and take up little space in your home.

If you have a tiny yard, a string trimmer (electric, gas, or battery) can simply cut the grass for you. Simply put, you fill your trimmer with string and go around your yard. While the technique takes a little longer than standard mowing, it is simple to accomplish and highly effective.

3. Hedge trimmer

How to cut tall grass without a mower

A hedge trimmer is another alternative. With a few exceptions, this trimmer is comparable to the weed trimmer. The hedge trimmer, which resembles a chainsaw, is used to chop portions of the bushes.

However, it is also a viable option for mowing your grass. To acquire the perfect cut, you’ll need to practice using the trimmer. Here, too, safety is paramount; ensure that you simply mow the grass and eliminate all surrounding objects. One of the most significant advantages of this procedure is that it allows you to simultaneously trim your grass and prune your plants.

4. Scythe

How to cut tall grass without a mower

You may have seen this item in the possession of the Grim Reaper, as it features a long handle with a curved, sharp edge. The blade’s edge must be razor-sharp in order to cut grass.

A person grips the handles and uses a smooth, bending motion to swipe at the grass. It takes some practice to master the sickle, but once you do, it’s a powerful tool for removing tall grass from a field or yard.

A scythe is essentially a tool with a sharp, double-sided blade that you swing back and forth as you go through the grass. With a four-foot-long handle, mastering the smooth, even swing required to cut the grass uniformly takes some practice.

When the grass is somewhat damp, such as after a light rain or early morning dew, traditional scythes function well. You’ll also need to keep an eye on the massive metal blade. Cuts will be jagged and rough if this is not done.

There are several types of scythes that can be used to cut grass:

Weeding sickle: A wedding sickle is just a scythe with a shorter handle, usually around two feet long.

Grass whip: A newer variation with a straighter grip and a slightly curved blade is the grass whip.

Sling blade: A typical tool with a 30-inch handle and a flat, double-sided, serrated blade, it’s not only a wonderful Billy Bob Thorton movie.

5. Shears

How to cut tall grass without a mower

Shears may be a viable option for cutting if you have a small yard, but only if you have an opportune opportunity to perform. Shears are similar to huge scissors, but with longer cutting blades; in any event, it will take a large amount of time.

The skill in using shears comes from the ability to keep the sharp edges level, ensuring that the grass is evenly cut.

The Advantages of tall Grass Removal

The bug is less — Bugs tend to locate a home in the lawn due to the growth of tall grass. Mosquitoes, ticks, and other disease-carrying insects can be dangerous to you and others, not to mention bothersome.

More space – The lawn is lacking in extra space due to the presence of tall grass. It can be difficult to walk between them at times.

Better appearance – Tall grasses might detract from the beauty of your lawn. A lawn that is neglected and disorganized might be unattractive.

Quick Tips On Removing Tall Grass:

Cut slowly at first – Tall grass should be cut slowly at first. The grass should be chopped one-third of its original height, regardless of its height. Cutting more than that may cause the plant to become stressed. As a result, the optimum method is to simply remove 1/3 of the plant’s original height.

Only cut when the grass is dry – The optimal time to know is when the grass is dry. The morning dew on the grass exerts pressure on the stalk, causing it to bend down. A straight cut becomes difficult as a result of this.

Other ridiculous ways

There are some tactics that are quite amusing, but believe us when we say that they are used by some people. This is for you if you’re an adventurer who wants to try something new.

Golf clubs, perhaps? This procedure can also be done using hockey sticks. Some individuals have even attempted it with a baseball bat, but that’s another story. To mow the tall grass using this method, simply swing a stick an inch or two above the ground.

Of course, your grass will be untidy after the job is over, and your shoulders may be sore. If you have a large flock of sheep, they can also assist you with mowing the lawn. Sheep are well-known herbivores who prefer to graze grass to the point of death.

This strategy may appear bizarre, but it isn’t. People employed sheep to mow lawns before the development of the mower. Other cattle, such as cows, can also be used, but be prepared to clean up the feces as well as receive several complaints from neighbors about the stink.


As you can see, there are multiple choices for cutting grass without using a mower. While many people would rather buy a new lawnmower than buy sheep or goats, they make wonderful pets and the manure can be used as an organic fertilizer.

If you only have a little patch of grass to cut, the methods above are ideal. If you’re reading this, chances are you have a lawnmower that won’t start. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but you might want to check out the link for more information.

It may be able to assist you in getting your mower up and running and back in the game! Good luck with getting your lawn mowed.

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