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When it Comes to Knowing the exact figure of true green Cost or could be a little yard, which TruGreen considers ought to be less than 5,000 Sq.ft.

At that point the cheapest service you’ll get from this garden care company is the Fire Ant Benefit how much does TruGreen actually cost you around $140.

Well, it’s many efforts base on seeding your lawn fertilizing grass, Mowing & Trimming testing improving soil facing too many types of weeds many grubs worms insects again but what the feel when all this happens with a pocket-friendly budget with TruGreen Company it’s really Awesome for me too.

The estimate goes up if your garden is over 5,000 sq. ft. TruGreen is worth the money as it were in case you don’t find any cheap nearby grass care companies adjacent.

Be that as it may, most individuals over the U.S turn to TruGreen as it’s a popular grass care company at the national level. 

The high-end arrangement of TruGreen which is called the “TruComplete” arrangement would cost you over $700 on a yearly premise.

The company offers you a markdown for the primary time and it can save you a few bucks. Instep, you’ll be able to choose a few particular services on the off chance that you think that’s too much for your grass care.


Which Services TrueGreen Provides | 9 Services

  • Lawn Health Care
  • True Signature Lawn
  • Lime Soil Revision
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Maintaining the Lawn
  • Removal of Ticks Chiggers
  • Earwigs Removal
  • Spiders in Yar
  • Too Many Grubs

TrueGreen Plans and Pricing 2021

When it Comes to Exact Figure TruGreen Actually Cost here I Mentioning you Source of ConsumerAffairs which is latest updated the Costs of Truegreen Lawncare. It provides 50% off if you go with Yealy Packages.

Here is the table which shows how much Truegreen costs you. Based on the State of OKLAHOMA USA.

Don’t Worry it’s Available in 50 states.

TruGreen PackagesSingle Application Cost12 Month Cost
TruGreen Flea Ticks Control80.95$404.75$
True Lawn Health29.95$568.6$
True lawnCare Maintenance29.95$485$
True Care Shrubs Trees49.95$709.65$
TruGreen Complete Lawn29.95$777$
True lawnCare Mosquito Defence 39.95$464.70$

How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost

The TruGreen Actually Costs anyplace from $200 to $450, depending on fertilization and the lawn measure.

You often require a greatest of one or two aerations per year, and now and then, you don’t ought to aerate at all. 

If you’ve got a little size yard, you’ll do the aeration yourself. We have surveyed the finest aeration tools that you simply can buy with confidence.

For any large measure yard, you moreover have the alternative to lease the aeration tool from Home Depot or Lowes. The normal rental cost depends on anywhere from $39 to $79 per day.

TruGreen is the biggest lawn care company in the US. These days, you’ll find its 314 branches and 35 franchise areas within the US and Canada. 

Their purpose is to take care of lawns, trees, and bushes in private and commercial ranges. Now, let’s find out the average TruGreen costs you wish to pay when asking for proficient grass service care.

How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost

Different types of TruGreen arrange and their prices? 

TruGreen offers 4 different services:

  • Lawn Care
  • Tree & Shrub care Mosquito 
  • Control and avoidance administrations, and
  • Pest control

It’s basic to remember that TruGreen doesn’t publicize its cost on the site as other lawn care benefit providers.

They will inquire you to fill up their online quote frame and inquire you to supply your title, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Hence, their deals agent calls you to discuss it further. There is nothing off-base with this approach, but it doesn’t feel straightforward.

As deals agents utilize their deals strategies such as constrained time offer (which is never restricted) or sell you additional items merely never thought of or needed.

Is it cheaper to fertilize your own lawn?

So Is it cheaper to fertilize your own lawn? The thing I so simple there is no big deal if you go and buy your own fertilizer it helps you to save money. If I gonna give you a lighter note you’ll save 10 to 20% as compared to companies like TruGreen or any other service provider.

How often should TruGreen come?

How often should TruGreen come? The 4 to 6 weeks is the exact answer to which active seasons.

What does TruGreen spray on lawns?

What does TruGreen spray on lawns? For spray your Trugreen takes benefits from glyphosate because many researchers said this will be perfect to kill weeds and keep allergic reactions,” and a neurotoxic insecticide, far from your grass.

Is TrueGareen Worth It?

Yes, TrueGareen is the best company when it comes to lawn services. Even if it’s spread in 50 states almost still 2022. Due to the high satisfaction rate of customers highly recommended and most important pocket-friendly cost this is worth it as compared to its alternative.

Many lawn owners move towards Truegreen to save their Annually effort and time too. It also provides a %off if you go with Yearly Packages.

Will TruGreen Price Negotiation?

Well, negotiation is an abysmal thing in buying but According to my experience, assembling and working strategy to TruGreen services is wonder if these are available in your city you must go with Truegreen because its suitable with price maintenance pets control complete working Aeration.

If an alternative service of lawn care is near you you can also take a look at them. You can look at what TruGreen Actually Costs above.

TrueGareen Overseeding Reviews

The Way TruGreen Lawn Care Works 

After you contact TruGreen for a quote, the company branch will send a licensed and profoundly prepared garden care specialist to estimate your yard.

Before long as they analyze the garden’s condition and decide its potential and necessary activity, they will calculate the ultimately taken toll of the administrations needed.

Possible administrations can incorporate fertilization, air circulation, bother control, soil alterations, and tree and bush upkeep.

Concurring to fundamental activity, they will prescribe the bundle that suits your lawn best. In any case, the ultimate decision is yours.

Once you agree on lawn care arrange, the master group will visit your lawn once in 4 to 6 weeks on average to ensure it gets the total benefits of the requested administrations. 

They will donate you extra suggestions concurring to the lawn state. You can always inquire for a visit past the plan in case you regard it necessary.

Be mindful that the company won’t constrain extra visits since fulfilled clients are its goal.

TruGreen Plans

The company offers its major plans but can give extra revisions upon your ask. That’s why it’s a brilliant Choice For You.

Targeted and pre-emergent weed controlyesyesyes
Lime soil amendmentyesyesyes
Overseeding for fescue lawnsnoyesyes
Shrub and tree servicesnonoyes

TruMaintenance Lawn Care Arrange Includes:

  • Seven lawn visits throughout one year Fertilization 
  • Targeted and pre-emergent weed control 
  • Healthy garden analysis and guarantee 
  • TruExpert certified pros engagement

Are TruGreen chemicals safe?

Are TruGreen chemicals safe? Most of them without a doubt have reduced impacts on our environment and wellbeing, but they are distant from being 100% safe. Children and pets are especially sensitive to these chemicals, which are amazingly unstable. Them and delicate grown-ups can feel the prompt effects of these harmful chemicals nearly instantly.

Is TruGreen worth the money?

Is TruGreen worth the money? Actually, I believe in quality and when it comes to qualities giving TruGreen 5 stars is ideal because the customer care service and satisfaction rate of this particular company are really awesome that why saying it’s a worthy-for-money company is not a bad choice.

Who are TruGreen’s competitors?

The beat 10 competitors in TruGreen’s competitive set are BrightView, Davey Tree, Bartlett Tree Specialists, Bread And Butter Garden Care, Greenlawn MH, Mdm Garden Care Services, Anderson’s Down To Soil, Tom Alton Grass Care, Overgrown Oak Grass & Scene, and Wright Tree.

How Much does TruGreen pay?

TruGreen has good-paying rates for landscape Laborer Data Operator HR managers and Accounting Administrators. But when it comes to an hourly average range TruGreen will pay you from 10$ to 22$ approximately.This is not an exact estimated rate but it’s also near one. So if you are interested in serving for TruGreen you have a good-paying rate.


  • You have numerous plan choices at your disposal 
  • The official offer incorporates bug control services 
  • The ensure is provided You can forever actuate online chat, and the inviting staff will compassionate assist you with any potential concerns.


  • Even in spite of the fact that the company is available in 49 states across the nation, it doesn’t have any branches in Alaska 
  • The administrations the company offers won’t fit each budget.


How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost? TruGreen could be a company that gives administrations in 49 states, but for Alaska. Its benefit quality, five-yearly plans, and sensible costs make it a great alternative for property holders throughout the US. What set them apart from comparative competing firms are interesting master preparing programs, versatile apps, ensure given, and extreme client benefit.

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