How Long Can Sod Sit on a Pallet in the Winter

What do you think How Long Can Sod Sit on a Pallet in the Winter my quick answer is it will only last for 24 hours or less?

Winter is a great time to order sod, but you need to know how long the sod will last on the pallet in your yard during the summer.

Sod takes 24 hours mostly.

It’s important to remember that water and heat go hand in hand. In the summer, if the temperatures are above 70 degrees, you should not water the sod while it is on the pallet.

This will cause it to die more quickly and will lead to a shorter life span for your new grass installation.

This guide is made for you so let’s discuss it in depth.

In the winter, one of the most important steps when installing sod is to make sure that your pallets are on ice.

Although you might be tempted to leave them out in the cold for as long as possible, it’s better to get them on ice before they freeze and become a safety hazard.

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How Long Can Sod sit on a Pallet in the Winter?

Sod ordered in winter will stay fresh for up to a week if it is installed on the pallet, but if you are installing it in the summer, so will only last about 24 hours or less.

There are several ways to keep your garden alive even through the long winter months.

The most important thing is to be sure that the roots of your grass remain moist at all times. You should also be sure not to let the soil dry out.

You can garden in the spring, summer, and fall without worrying about your sod dying if you order it in winter. The first step to take is ordering your sod in winter when it will last for up to a week on the pallet.

After you’ve ordered your sod but before it’s delivered, the company can prepare a pallet for you by filling the ground with mulch or straw.

After the sod has been delivered, you can plant it right away or let it sit on the pallet for anywhere from one week to two weeks depending on how hot or humid it is outside.

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Why does Sod freeze in the Winter?

Sod can last on a pallet for up to two weeks before it begins to freeze. In the winter, de-icer and salt are applied to the pallet in order to ensure that the sod doesn’t freeze while sitting on it.

The cold is essential for the sod to freeze. When the ground freezes, it expands by up to 40 percent. The water in your lawn will freeze and expand as well.

This means that the soil can’t hold as much water and so it is more likely to soak through the soil.

As a result, during the winter months, when the ground freezes, there could be a significant threat of damage caused by frost heaves.

How Long can Sod sit on a Pallet before it freezes in the Winter?

The sod will freeze if it is dry enough and the temperature is low enough.

The freezing point can be determined by looking at the outside temperature, the relative humidity, and how long the pallet has been outside.

How Long Can Sod Sit on a Pallet in the Winter

If you have a wet sod, it may stay out there longer because water is not a good conductor of heat. Initially, keep the sod on the pallet until it begins to freeze and then you can move it indoors as soon as possible.

Some Important Tips for keeping your Sod Alive During the Winter Months

The grass is a great way to add some greenery to your yard, but it can be hard to survive in the winter months.

If you live in a cold climate, you need to take extra precautions so your grass doesn’t freeze when the temperature plummets.

There are many ways that you should store and protect your sod during these harsh winters.


A pallet is a piece of wood used to support heavy loads. Its intended use is that of a raised platform on which one can place goods or materials, typically on the back of a vehicle.

The pallet was originally made out of layers of thin wooden boards, but today it’s usually constructed out of smaller pieces of wood glued together.


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