Can Mowing a Lawn Cause A Miscarriage | Bestlawngear

Can Mowing a Lawn Cause A Miscarriage | Bestlawngear

Can Mowing a Lawn Cause A Miscarriage. The grass is always greener on the other side. But a lot of people don’t know about the hidden hazards that can come with cutting it too short. Take for example the risks that may be posed by a mower or lawnmower to your unborn fetus in the very early stages of pregnancy.

Mowing the lawn can be quite difficult, especially during the summer when it’s so hot and humid. But, did you know that there is such thing as a safe time to mow your lawn? Read on to find out more now. Mowing the lawn can be tough work. For some, it can seem like a chore that never ends, but for others, it’s a relaxing activity they enjoy time and time again.

Possible Causes of Miscarriages | Is It Safe to Mow the Lawn While Pregnant

The causes of miscarriages are often unknown. However, there are many things that can cause a miscarriage to happen. The most common things that lead to miscarriage include:

  • Problems with the mother’s uterus
  • Cause pain with chromosomes of mother and baby’s
  • The mother’s immune system hurts aggressively and the fetus
  • General health problems that a pregnant woman might have
  • An infection

The Link Between Mowing the Lawn and a Miscarriage

For years, it has been a common belief that mowing the lawn can cause a miscarriage. Most of this belief is due to the fact that women don’t know their own bodies and may not realize they were pregnant yet.

It’s also possible for them to have miscarried without knowing it, but because of their other symptoms as well. The source for this belief comes from an article published in the journal Epidemiology in 1998.

The article reviewed 7 studies conducted between 1957 and 1987 and concluded that there was a statistically significant association between maternal death and miscarriage, especially during work-related activities such as mowing the lawn.

Hence, although there are no definitive studies linking mowing the lawn to miscarriages, most experts do not recommend it if you are already pregnant. Additionally, you should also avoid any heavy labor or lifting while pregnant.

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What to Do if You Think You Might Be Having a Miscarriage

If you think you might be experiencing a miscarriage, don’t panic. Take a pregnancy test to confirm your suspicions and call your doctor so they can discuss the next steps with you. If the pregnancy test is negative, wait 3-4 weeks before trying again.


The article concludes that there is no sufficient evidence that mowing the lawn can cause a miscarriage. However, the author does point out that this may be a possibility if a pregnant woman has an injury or an accident while mowing the lawn. There is also the chance of her becoming overheated and dehydrated which could lead to complications during pregnancy.


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