Can I Mow Right after Aerating (Never do this after aerating)

As the soil required moisture for mowing and after aerations its take time to again stabilize in such conditions you should implement chemical organic fertilizer and do overseeding.

The answer to Can I mow right after aerating is that you do not mow right after aerating because after the aeration process mowing required at least 22 days for mowing. So we can say it’s not ideal to mow after aeration right away.

The suitable time for aeration is early spring or fall when the grass leaves start looking visible to the ground.

Lawn grass needs recharging and freshen so spring is the best aeration time because in hard condition grass grows uninteresting and tedious. So with the right aerations there, some information that I share with you below that helps you to improves your turf.

How soon can I mow after aerating?

How soon can I mow after aerating? At least 14 to 22 days later. As grassroots demands solid compaction after aeration. At the start, its doesn’t ready to stabilize maintenance so it’s better to aerate after 2 to 3 weeks as long as roots and soil are ready for mowing to make grass cutting visible and rapid.

What is right time of Aerating?

Actually it better you must do aerations when the grass is starting bit growing and its leaves become visible to the eye through the ground level. Because this helping you in revealing soil holes and recuperate grass smartly where the aerator machine works.

The soil needs moisture before aerating if you do in rainy conditions then it’s stepped next soon to give air access to underground roots.

Best aerating timing:

If you live in traditional areas where temperature and coldness are at the same level or if you live in hot conditions then the summer seasons and late spring are a valuable time for aerating.

If you live in a cool environment where mostly the weather is cold then the most preferable time for aerating is spring or early fall when the lawn needs seeding and aerating in this time increases the rate of soil fertility.

Grasses have 2 types. Cool grasses warm grasses. So It’s better to seed grass according to your area’s weather.

Can I mow right after aerating

After aeration, it’s best to germinate seed and implement the fertilizer that gives a heavy growing rate on your landscape using overseeding and heathy fertilizer become supportable soil improver.

It is useful that water from earth reverence produced properties and helps water to give high rate realization of oxygen with water.

Can I mow right after aerating?

Can I mow right after aerating? No.You do not mow right after aerating because of some factors that prevent instant mowing after aeration. The 14 to 22 days wait is almost the best time for mowing after aerations.

On the contrary, even its better is that you should implement fertilizers organics matters and seeding during in these 3 to 4 weeks that helps you make fast food access to underground roots and improves growing rate.

Define aeration and Why lawn aeration is important?

Aeration in landscapes is a process of trench or ditch with an aerator machine or gadget that helps underground soil to improves its oxygen water and food access to grow excellently.

Aeration machine is costly but Thankfully the aeration machine is available on rent and using a machine for 3 hours in a day covers a large meduim lawn easily.

Process of aeration with machine

There are many types of aerators but core aerators are most commonly and widely used and save a lot of time.

The usage of aerators is simple and easy to install. The aerator works on a phenomenon of making holes in soils actually the machine consists of some cone shape fork that drills or trench into ground 2 to 5 inches and makes holes that holes helps outside sir and water to reach its real destination. That’s make a sense of grass fasten growth.

jump next for growing with Aeration

  • So it’s better to mowing with a mower before the aeration process because after aeration you should wait upto 22 days for mowing.
  • Watering with an Oscillating or rotary sprinkler is helpful before aeration that helps in moisture.
  • Do more Aeration in solid soil as compare to lossen areas.
  • Using organic matter fertilizer compost after aeration is suitable.
  • Make Prevention of lawn pets while aeration.
  • Using topsoil on muddy or sandy areas is beneficial.


This aeration establishes your lawn growth from underground roots to top surface leaves and provides you a healthy and beautiful eye lushing lawn

The main benefit of aeration is started when you hole your lawn soils the underground roots stolons and rhizome improves their spreading rate and results in thick grass leaves a few times.

If you think that lawn soils get their food oxygen access without aeration holes or trenching then it’s the worst idea. Because you should know that the soil not aerated cause prevention of roots food access.

Automatically compaction prevents a high rate of oxygen and other healthy nutritious nutrients that access is important under roots for healthiness.

Important line:

After aeration and grass healthy growth its makes it too easy to give a shiny pattern to your lawn. Then you easily get visible eye looks with natural light. Read : Lawn Visible Patterns.

Explain Aeration machines?

Thankfully there are 5 machines we discuss here that actually help in the aeration of the landscape. These all are less time-consuming with easy customizing having large size lawn but the core aerator is our first suggestion to you.

  1. Spikes Aerations
  2. Core Aerations
  3. Slicing Aerations
  4. Shoes Aerations
  5. Folk Aeration

1. Spikes Aerations

Spike is a rolling aerator. It is best for hard and compacted soil areas and having a large unit with a drum feature. A Spike aerator is wide in size and towing behind the aerator with a large drum having curvy forks that make holes.

Normally a Spike is an accessible way for water and nutrients with 30 to 36 inches of large length and 14 inches length of the drum almost which ensures aerator to make holes in hard areas easily.

The best about this aerator having more than 70 spikes {fork} that’s creates holes. These spikes easily go down upto 2 to 5 inches.

The Spikes aerators are especially working for meduim sizes yards in fact its works excellently in short of time in straight paths or landscapes.

This works of the phenomenon of trenching or making holes in the soil to give them a healthy growing land.

You can fill the drum with water to increase the perforation rate of spikes.

The bad about this aerator some tie while covering a large lawn its compaction is damaged and then it takes time to work and aerating.

2. Core Aerations

The core is another best aeration machine that helps in relieving soil compaction same as spikes but its covers large areas fastly.

These are called the best aerators. It free soil from compaction.

Actually, the spikes and core is work for the same purpose of putting holes underground but the core aeration works when its forks go undersoil and it pulls a plug of soil out with it.

This core aeration opens the compacted area up to give access to airflow and allows nutrients absorption that makes grass healthy later.

A core aerator is the same as a riding mower you can easily make aeration while setting on it or by self-propelled method its customizing is simple.

3. Slicing Aerations

Slicing aerators work with blades that move in rotation along with the mower these blades wedge or chunk and make holes in the soil that create a visible path for water air and nutrients.

The Slice also works the same as core and spike but left a bit of soil behind while trenching or creating holes in the lawn. In the area where you think water and air easily accessible there’s no need for more slicing aeration.

4. Shoes Aerations

The shoes aeration (View On Amazon) is cheap and simple but it takes time if you have a large or medium size lawn because shoes aeration depends on human efforts.

The Shoes work on a pattern having below spikes that goes underground up to 2.5 inches and aeration the soil by making them compaction-free.

5. Folk Aeration

The Folk Aeration (View On Amazon) is simple but it demands human efforts same as shoes. It’s working depends on man force because it’s a handheld worker and trenching down 2 to 3 inches.

This is also cheap in price.

The Folk Aeration is normally large in size with handle and by pinching or forcing with hands its goes underground soil and do aeration. If you have Good body force you will get fast results but the person having joints problems should not try this.

Which things should spoil healthy grass aeration?

  • Aeration While Dry-Spell
  • Wrong aeration timing
  • Less watering after aeration
  • Bad Aeration Operator
  • Much chemicals usage

1.Aeration While Dry-Spell

The suitable aeration is done when soil having moisture but unfortunately when people do not focus on this moisture and in hurry try to aerate their lawn in drought or dry-spell conditions then it causes harm to your soil and even destroys soil compaction with particles.

The dry speel condition demands more force or aeration with handle fort or shoes fork is difficult even core aeration is running hard in dry conditions.

So it’s better to check are accommodate the moisture while aeration and if rain occurs in that day’s os it’s better to aerate after rainy.

If you live in hot summer areas and there are minimum chances of rain then it’s better to give watering a high amount that helps you to aerate by increasing soil moisture.

You can use a moisture meter (View On Amazon) to check moisture.

2.Wrong aeration timing

When the temperate is cooler grass growing execellent and that’s the time of fall where you smartly aerate your lawn but we prefer early spring and fall for north areas.

On the other side peoples having in warmer south areas yard they should prefer late summer or the start of spring this time much helping you in aeration.

3.Less watering after aeration

This is the most common problem that disturbs the aeration because people do not water before aeration or give a low amount of watering that reduces moisture as well.

So for this purpose, it’s better to give a good amount of water to your lawn and using a sprinkler aeration system for watering that gives perfect water access to underground soil layers and improves their ability if growing.

4.Bad Aeration Operator

Using the right aerations operator is should be first priority as there are many aeration operators but all operators are not working excellently even they increase soil compaction so it’s better to use the right aeration machine-like core aeration or spike.

Use of shoes or folk aeration does not go underground smartly and because they work smartly only on loose soil areas and they do not make visible water ait access in hard compacted turfs.

5.Much chemicals usage

The other disadvantage after aeration if you give an extra amount of chemical fertilizers after aeration it’s better to give good fertilizer after aeration.

But you should apply organic compost and a few amounts of chemical fertilizers that are more helpful to increase the growth rate and soon fertility smartly.

Can you overseed without aerating?

At starting of spring in a condition, if you really need extra grass with invisible clovers and mushrooms then you should implement overseeding. On the other side, it’s better to aerate your land than apply seeding to it. This helps your landscapes to improves your growing and spread underground roots smartly.

My Suggestions:

Being a lawn guider I personally suggest you should not apply mowing after aeration and wait for 2 to 3 weeks. In such time you should clean overseed watered or apply fertilizer to your lawn than mowing this really helps you in your smart growing.

This process of waiting for mowing truly helps grassroots to spread and make its looks eye lushing and satisfied.

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