Best way to kill Chickweed in Lawn (Ultimate Guide)

Best way to kill chickweed in lawn? Weed is basically an unwanted plant that grows on your lawn. There are many different types of weed that exist but here I will tell you about one type of weed which is called Chickweed.

There are also two to three types of chickweed that exist and I will tell you how to identify the chickweed and the best way to kill chickweed in the lawn.

Actually, there are three types of chickweed one of them is common chickweed which is called Stellaria media and the second one is mouse-ear chickweed and its Latin name is Cerastium Fontanum and the third one is great star chickweed called Stellaria pubera.

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Here are the pictures of all of these chickweeds that will help you to understand and identify them easily.

  • Stellaria media

This is a very common chickweed and the identification of this chickweed is that its leaves are dark green and the stem is also of green color and has a small while color flower but this is common in all types of chickweed but the size of the flower is different.

That type of chickweed is actually found all over America and in many countries, Located in corner of the lawn and trail commonly. I hope you identify these chickweeds by the image in a better way.

best way to kill chickweed in lawn,
  • Cerastium Fontanum

This chickweed is commonly called mouse-ear chickweed but its Latin name is Cerastium Fontanum. The main thing to identify this type of chickweed is by its hairy leaves and have a red color stem which is common in Stellaria Pubera also but the flower size of this one is small as compared to Stellaria Pubera chickweed.

best way to kill chickweed in lawn,
  • Stellaria pubera

Now, this is the third type of chickweed, this chickweed is very common to the previously described mouse-ear chickweed. This chickweed has a red color stem and but smooth leave and has a white color flower but this is in large size as compared to both previous types of chickweed. so this a small introduction to the types of common chickweed.

best way to kill chickweed in lawn,

Before telling you about the “Best way to kill chickweed on lawn”, I will answer the most important and frequently asked question about the chickweed.

How do you kill chickweed without killing grass?

How do you kill chickweed without killing grass? Actually, there are many methods that help to kill chickweed without killing the grass, one of the easy methods is by using weed killer spray but take care that the spray is must focus on the weed only. You can use the lawn fertilizer for killing and controlling the chickweed, Nitrogen in the fertilizer burnt the chickweed and the grass will recover back very soon.

How do you kill chickweed naturally?

How do you kill chickweed naturally? There are different methods to kill the chickweed naturally, One of them is pouring the vinegar solution over the whole chickweed plant or you can also use the boiling water, and also you can kill it by physically remove from the ground with roots. You can also use the other household chemicals and their mixture to kill the chickweed.

How do I stop chickweed on my lawn?

How do I stop chickweed on my lawn? Here I will tell you some useful methods to control chickweed. Before controlling the chickweed you have to know something about this. A single plant of chickweed approximately produce 600 to 15000 seeds and these seeds persist for many years in the soil so the best method is to control the chickweed is by killing it before the flower.

If the seed is already in the soil then put mulch on them and stop them with a physical barrier to control them.

What Herbicide will kill chickweed?

Bonide (BND0613) – Ready to Use Chickweed (Check Price On Amazon) is one of the best herbicides that is very effective to kill chickweed. This chickweed killer is best for killing the weed only, it does not damage the grass of your lawn. If you want to know about some other popular chickweed herbicides I will give you the link of them below.

  1. ECO Garden PRO – Organic Vinegar Weed Killer ( Check the latest price on Amazon)
  2. Ortho 398710 Weed B Gon Chickweed ( Check the latest price on Amazon)

Best Way to Kill Chickweed in Lawn

Here I will discuss the best way to kill chickweed in the lawn, THese methods are best for killing the new and old types of weeds and you can make your lawn lush green without any weeds.

  1. Here is the first method to kill the lawn chickweed, Use the Vinegar solution for killing the chickweed that is suitable for your lawn and could not harm the grass of your lawn but consider something that doesn’t pour the vinegar solution on the grass try to use it only on the weed plant that will kill the chickweed easily and this method is environmentally friendly.
  2. The next important method to kill is by using fertilizer, this method is very impressive and provides very good results. The nitrogen in the fertilizer burnt the chickweed and after applying the fertilizer don’t water your lawn quickly. Before and after using fertilizer for almost 24 hours don’t use water. After that, you can use it.
  3. The next organic method is for killing the lawn chickweed is by pouring the boiling water over the chickweed plant that boiling water kills the weed plant and it may affect the grass near the plant but after some time that grass will recover but will kill the chickweed.
  4. Controlling the chickweed is very important because every plant of chickweed produce almost 600 to 15000 seeds and that seed will persist for approximately 6 to 7 year of time so controlling the chickweed before the flower is very important and you can use mulch over it as a physical barrier to stop the seed form the germination.
  5. You can also kill the lawn chickweed by using a hand and remove the weed plant from the root and the chickweed plant can propagate from step to properly clear the roots system to fully control the growth of the chickweed.
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This is an ultimate guide to killing the chickweed that has white flowers and has three different types. Chickweed is also controlled by using animals to eat them and you can also use some tool to remove it from the roots and stop their further growth.

This article will be very helpful for you to identify, control, and kill the chickweed. If you like the useful information then please give your feedback in the comment box and have any doubts or queries about this topic, how to kill the chickweed you can ask from us. We try to answer your query very soon.

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