Best Tow Behind Lawn Vacuum | Reviews | 2022

According to the Good Housekeeping Organization, these are the best tow behind lawn vacuums for lawns on the market. If you own a house with a large yard, you are certainly aware of how time-consuming lawn maintenance can be.

Using lawn sweepers to collect fallen leaves makes the job much easier. Cut grass and twigs can be picked up fast and efficiently with such instruments.

best tow behind lawn vacuum

Top 7 Best Tow Behind Lawn Vacuum 

In my list, I’ve included flexible tools. They’re all equipped with huge hoppers, making them ideal for continuous work across a large area.

Best Tow Behind Lawn Vacuum 

1-Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac

Agri-Fab invented the 55188 Mow N Vac vacuum mulcher, a firm known for making tough tools that benefit gardeners all over the world. It has a strong Briggs and a powerful motor that vacuums everything in its path, including dead leaves, grass clippings, and lawn waste.

This enormous gardening equipment was designed specifically for homeowners with large lawns and trees, and it can even manage little branches (according to one review).

The Mow N Vac model isn’t built to be a workhorse, but it gets the job done.

Its suction force is adequate, so you can expect it to effectively take up grass clippings, twigs, acorns, and leaves.

In most circumstances, the 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine responds effectively, firing upon the first pull.

For level fields and gently raised slopes, the Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac is an excellent choice.

This leaf vacuum will not give on slopes with more than 3 degrees of incline because of the limited wheelbase and an attachment that does not nearly double the base. If you don’t have a leveled lawn, you might want to skip this unit.

If you decide to purchase it, keep in mind that zero-turn mowers will require an additional hose kit. In 2022, this is a fantastic huge vacuum machine to get.


  • Suction speed of 80 miles per hour
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Made in the United States of America
  • It’s simple and enjoyable to collect all of the fallen leaves.
  • Capacity: 26 bushels/32 cu. ft.


  • Well-made, long-lasting, and inexpensive
  • Its tremors may be too strong for some people.
  • Clog issues with the vacuum can occur from time to time.

2-Brinly LVS-33BH Tow Behind PolyVac System

Consider acquiring the Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac to remove what you don’t need on the field if you have a large lawn full of leaves and want to restore the aesthetic view of green grass and attractive trees.

It’s a piece of equipment that gets the job done well, and it’s highly praised for its ease of use, ease of vacuuming up leaves, and ease of emptying after the vacuuming work.

The Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac has proven to be worth the asking price in multiple tests. For starters, at 4 MPH hose suction force, the model can readily suck up leaves that are at least a foot deep.

It doesn’t shut down, die, chock, or clog in any way. As a consequence, you’ll have a well-vacuumed lawn that lasts a long time.

Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac doesn’t seem to be able to go into tight spaces very well. However, by placing the 8-inch hose close to the location, you can easily avoid this problem.

All you have to do is unhook the hose from the mower deck and push the leaves towards the hose’s opening with a rake.

The dumping angle is one of the most noticeable aspects of this tow behind leaf vacuum.

Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac tank is easy to empty, standing at 53 degrees with a hands-free foot pedal.

Because you don’t need to use a rake to remove the dirt from the leaves, you wind up saving time.


  • It’s simple to put together, use, and empty.
  • It performs as expected.
  • Can effectively suction a large pile of leaves.
  • The suction power is adequate, so you can vacuum a large lawn in a reasonable amount of time.


  • Built to last and doesn’t cost a fortune to maintain
  • Unless you open the back, there’s no way to determine if the tank is full.
  • Has a large tongue that makes vacuuming leaves in confined spaces difficult.
  • It does get a little dusty throughout the unloading procedure.
  • When the motor is going, there is no way to stop the blower.
  • The hose is a little short.

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3-Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper: Easy To Use And Handle

This is an easy-to-use Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper that will not let you down. During waste collection, it is quite easy to handle and move around in your yard.

It also has a simple assembling process that takes around half an hour to finish and make it ready to use.

This sweeper has a performance that is absolutely incredible. It is capable of picking up items that most sweepers are incapable of.

The fabric bag, on the other hand, may cause you problems because it isn’t of the greatest quality.

The unit’s huge size, along with the adjustable brush height, allows it to easily pick up heavy things like pinecones and apples.

The main disadvantage of owning such a large lawn sweeper is that it’s difficult to do U-turns, and you’ll have to sweep the same area several times to pick up every item of falling trash.

Overall, this is a good sweeper that would come highly recommended because it does the job well and would last a long time if properly maintained.


  • The sweeper is 42 inches long.
  • All tractor brands can be specifically fitted with the 5-position hitch adjustability.
  • Simple to use and manage


  • Not for large lawns.

4-Billy Goat KV600SP Lawn and Litter Vacuum

Despite being made by the same company as the model above, this Billy Goat KV600 leaf vacuum is slightly different because it is a push-type leaf vacuum.

This means it takes a little more effort to maneuver, therefore it’s not recommended for folks who aren’t in great shape or who have back or other mobility concerns.

To offer you a little more information about this model, it has a 190cc engine and a powerful 5-blade impeller with serrated edges to maximize suction and reduce yard waste.

This product is equipped with a powerful motor as well as the necessary instruments for processing and storing trash in the collecting bag.

To make sucking up a variety of garden and other items a little easier, the Billy Goat KV600 has variable height adjustments for either hard surface or turf work, i.e. when working on a lawn, the suction needs to be closer to the ground, and when working on a harder surface, the suction needs to be further away from the ground.

A breathable hard bottom mesh grass bag with a 40-gallon capacity, as well as an inbuilt dust cover that loads from the bottom, are further features of this device.

The permeable bag allows for a slower rate of decomposition of garden waste, which prevents unpleasant odors, stains, and damage.


  • It can handle a huge number of leaves.
  • The bag has a high capacity.
  • Height adjustment with a variable range
  • A self-propelled model is offered.
  • Excellent paint finish


  • Some people have trouble getting it to start.
  • The engine is a little too harsh.

5-Yard Commander 42″ Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

It is the most cost-effective model on my list. With a volume of 12.9 cubic feet, the hopper is better suited to medium-sized yards.

The sweeping breadth, on the other hand, is relatively common for such devices (42 inches).

Four fine metal bristle brushes are included. There are nine settings on their height adjustment. There are several hitches included for connecting to a tractor. 

A corrosion-resistant coating is applied to all parts. You won’t have any operational or storage concerns because the model is lightweight, compact, and folds quickly.


  • Maneuvrable
  • Hitches included
  • Reasonably priced


  •  This product is not suitable for huge lawns.

6-Craftsman CMXGZBF7124266 42-Inch, Hi-Speed Tow Lawn Sweeper

This model has the same great features as the rest of the devices on my list. The brushes are 42 inches wide and the hopper has a capacity of 22 cubic feet. I would not, however, recommend using this device for heavy-duty jobs.

Its brushes, in my opinion, are ineffective at taking up damp leaves and gritty dirt. However, it is ideal for collecting dry grass.

Despite the fact that its components are composed of steel, this tool is quite light (72.3 pounds).


  • Made in the United States of America
  • It’s simple and enjoyable to collect all of the fallen leaves.


  • The hose is a little short.

7-Strongway Lawn Sweeper:

Look no further if you’re seeking a sweeper that’s both simple to operate and guarantees great results. The Strongway lawn sweeper is designed to collect twigs, grass clippings, and other yard waste products without causing it any undue damage.

Because the mesh bag is fairly sturdy, you may expect to use it for a long time.

It has good wheels that make it simple to move around your lawn. It’s possible that you’ll need help putting it together because it’s rather complicated.

You won’t have to worry about installing it on your mower because it features a pi-style hitch.


  • Reasonably priced
  • The bag has a high capacity.


  • Clog issues with the vacuum can occur from time to time.

What to Look for in a Tow Behind Lawn Vacuum?

Are you ready to invest in tow behind lawn vacuum to eliminate the back-breaking task of physically removing manure and garbage from your yard?

Before you go out and buy a vacuum, think about some of the features you should look for.

The tow-behind lawn vacuum buying guide below will assist you in selecting the best lawn sweeper for your needs.

Size of the Lawn

What is the size of your lawn? One crucial consideration that will influence your tow behind vacuum purchase is the size of your yard.

The general guideline is that if your lawn is beyond 2000 square feet, you should consider purchasing a tow-behind lawn vacuum with the appropriate capacity.

Otherwise, you might consider getting the push mower and a lawn vacuum, which is good for lawns up to 2000 square feet.


The material used to make the tow behind the lawn vacuum should also be taken into account. Aluminum, metal, and plastic are the three main materials employed in the design.

You should purchase an aluminum tow behind lawn vacuum because it combines the benefits of the other two materials. That is, the aluminum tow behind the home lawn vacuum has the toughness of the metal type and the lightness of the plastic tow behind the home lawn vacuum.

As a result, you should choose the aluminum tow behind type lawn vacuum over the others because it is both lightweight and durable.


How much does it cost to buy the vacuum you want to tow behind? Keep in mind that tow behind lawn vacuum might set you back anywhere from $200 to $500.

Benefits of Lawn Vacuum

  • The benefits of this vacuum are that it can suck up leaves, pine needles, and other debris without getting clogged.
  • Consumers will also love how easy it is to use the device. It comes with two flexible hoses.
  • One hose suck in debris while the other releases the dirt outside of your home.
  • The vacuum also has an automatic re-sealing function so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the machine after using it.


The tow-behind lawn sweeper is the most popular type of lawn sweeper on the market, and it’s easy to see why: you don’t have to manually push the unit, and it easily attaches to tractors, riding mowers, and other small vehicles so you can drag the garden tool across your lawn to pick up whatever debris nature has left on your lawn.

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