5 Best Push Lawn Fertilizer Spreader 2022

Regardless of the model, the basics of using a garden spreader (too known as a fertilizer spreader) are comparable. A container or container holds the seed or lawn-care item. As you move the spreader over your grass, the product drops through an opening or series of openings onto the grass applies.

Types of Lawn Spreader

There are 3 types of spreader we commonly used especially when it comes to lawn garden taking benefits from these ones is not a bad choice.


1. Push spreader

A push spreader moreover known as a walk-behind spreader may be a wheeled show that’s valuable for covering a whole garden. As the wheels rotate, they engage a component that apportions the product.

2. Tow- or pull-behind spreader

A Tow- or pull-behind spreader could be a large-capacity, wheeled demonstrate that attaches to a consistent riding cutter or all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Like thrust spreaders, the turning wheels engage the spreading instrument. Some tow-behind alternatives incorporate both a spreader and an aerating component, permitting you to handle two lawn-care errands with one attachment.

3. Handheld spreader

A handheld spreader may be a compact, crank-operated gadget that’s a successful choice for seeding a small grass or repairing bare spots in the grass.

best push lawn fertilizer spreader

Using a Spreader

A Scotts hand-held broadcast spreader. Instructions for employing a spreader change by the show and the fabric you’re spreading. A few common tips are below but continuously take after the instructions for your particular products.

  • Calibrate the spreader agreeing to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Take after the dispersion rate and design indicated on the seed or lawn-care product packaging.
  • Load the spreader on a walkway or driveway.
  • Move at a steady pace when using the spreader.
  • Near the spreader opening once you make turns or stop.
  •  Sweep up any fabric cleared out on surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways; you’ll be able to pour it back into the container and apply it to your lawn.

You can get a good scope with a broadcast spreader by applying the product in a crisscross design. To do this, diminish the application setting by half and make the first pass over the grass. At that point make a moment pass over the garden that runs opposite to the primary pass.

Some lawn-care items are caustic and can promote rust. To dodge rust on your spreader, use a plant hose to clean it after each use. After it’s clean and dry, apply light machine oil to metal parts within the wheels and spreader component.

How do I choose a Lawn Spreader?

Selecting the right lawn Spreader is difficult. But avoiding a few common misperceptions can help guarantee you get the proper machine for the job.

  • Size

How big of a hopper do you need This is often one of the foremost common errors when buying a lawn spreader. 50-pound container for a 50-pound sack of fertilizer, right? Off-base! 50-pound spreaders have a tall hazard of spill since a full bag of items goes right to the beat.

They are light-duty units unquestionably not fit for the landscaper who uses them on a normal premise. 100-pound spreaders, on the other hand, are troublesome to thrust when full at a consistent pace fundamental to achieving uniform comes about. A 70-pound spreader is a perfect measure when utilizing 50-pound packs. Not as it did you avoid spillage, but you’ll be able to refill product sometime recently it gets all the way to the foot.

  • Material

Most commercial garden spreaders come in either stainless steel or epoxy powder-coated plastic. The biggest concern for scene experts regarding spreaders is rust on the frame, caused by disappointments to wash off abrasive materials and store interior absent from the components.

And whereas more costly, the stainless steel spreader will withstand rust superior to other fabric, which implies it’ll final longer and allow you distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved a higher return on speculation. Solid pneumatic tires are moreover important; lower quality tires can make a choppy ride and eventually a new application.

  • Don’t Forget to Calibrate

 Calibrating your spreader for each application is were way to guarantee you’re applying fertilizer and pesticides at the right rate, also reducing your by and large taken a toll on goods.

In the event that you are doing not calibrating you chance applying as well as much or as well small item, risking genuine damage to your turf or baffling results. Calibrating your spreader is simple to do and normally takes approximately 5 minutes.

  • Item Waste

Having a quality spreader with numerous connections will assist you way better in managing how much item goes out on each application, lowering your fetches of merchandise, and moving forward productivity.

Side-deflectors convey a targeted, exact spread and avoid materials from landing on sidewalks, carports, and boulevards. This disposes of item squander and eventually saves you money. Another helpful connection may be a container cover, which secures material from rain or snow amid application and reduces the risk of a spill.

Best push lawn fertilizer spreader

Consider the following list of a few of the highest-rated fertilizer spreaders to find one that’s right for you.

Let’s Get started:

1. Scotts 76121 Turf Builder Mini Broadcast Spreader.

  • Use the Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader to apply Scotts lawn care products
  • Comes pre-calibrated and fully assembled with a fold-down handle for easy storage
  • Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard Technology keeps lawn product off landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks
  • Features redesigned hopper and agitator for smoother product funneling and consistent coverage
  • Holds up to 5,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn product, including grass seed and fertilizer - ideal for treating smaller areas

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Scotts could be a famous brand within the planting and grass items industry, and as such, the Turf Builder Smaller than expected Broadcast Spreader is a fabulous choice.

As genuine garden devotees, we get the need for devices and hardware that streamline care and support. That’s why we suggest this thing to assist with conveying fertilizer.

First and first, we’re exceptionally awed with the compact plan of this walk-behind broadcast spreader, allowing clients to move it easily.

The handle highlights a fold-down plan, which makes things more helpful storage-wise. As for its capacity, this demonstrates does fair work, holding up to 5,000 sq ft worth of grass items.

 So, if you have a little to the mid-sized green zone, this ought to work fine. Other than that, we like the accuracy rate settings control, which guarantees better scope and distribution..

Essentially, once you convey the edge guard, it squares the correct side of the spreader design to anticipate conveyance on the non-lawn ranges.

  • Less expensive than most competitors
  • 6-foot wide splash design spares time
  • Never-flat tires
  • Fairly cheap plastic parts
  • Not a heavy obligation frame
  • Does not handle slopes or bumpy landscape well

2-Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader

  • Rustproof poly hopper
  • Solid rod gate control
  • Enclosed taper and bevel gear box. Assembled Product Dimension (L x W x H)- 48.0 x 27.1 x 33.6 Inch
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Optional Pro Kit with sheild available

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The Agri-Fab 45-0462 is an amazing broadcast spreader that requests mortgage holders. It’s as heavy-duty and boasts the same walk-behind plan as our best choice, but features a somewhat lower capacity, of only 130 lbs.

fair idealize for gardens and gardens up to ½ acres. We like its expansive, pneumatic tires that make it simple to utilize in all seasons. From seeding in spring to fertilizing in summer to applying ice liquefy as necessary, this push broadcast spreader is up to anything.

Flow is additionally simple to control much obliged to the helpful steel pole you’ll be able seamlessly open or near. Depending on the speed of application and fabric, this apparatus can assist you to keep up a wonderful garden in no time. All at a cost point that won’t break the bank.

  • Huge capacity Large spread width
  • Great tires make it simple to push
  • Very simple to use Very comfortable
  • Slight issues with feeder door
  • Stopping stream on incline can be trickier

3-Titan professional Broadcast Spreader

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: If you're looking for a professional quality spreader for your garden, this broadcast spreader from Titan is a must have. This versatile tool will keep your property looking great.
  • DURABLE LAWN EQUIPMENT: Unlike many seeders, the Titan spreader is easy to use and wont require constant repairs. This roller tool is one of the best options on the market for quick and easy operation that you can depend on season after season. All Titan tools are built with rugged materials made to last.
  • LARGE CAPACITY DRUM: Constant refills while spreading can disrupt your rhythm and prolong the process. That's why the Titan broadcast spreader bucket holds up to 50 lbs. With our spreader, giving your grass the nutrients it needs couldn't be easier.
  • QUALITY AXLE & TIRES: Like all Titan products, the difference is in the details. Work like a master gardener with this rugged machine. The axle and tires on our broadcast spreader are made with quality materials that won't break down over time. It's the best tool for reliable and dependable garden treatments. Our spreader features 3 flow settings.
  • GREAT FOR MANY TERRAINS: Our broadcast spreader is efficient and effective on a wide variety of terrains. Its easy to maneuver around trees, roots, and brambles. It also runs smoothly on turf or sod without damaging grass. Treat your lawn with a professional Titan broadcast spreader today.

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If you’re looking for effectiveness and usefulness without comprising on strength, you’ll fall in adore with the Professional broadcast spreader by Titan.

With the Proficient Broadcast spreader, you’ll alter the handle height and positions to suit your individual needs ensuring that you can cover expansive zones without experiencing back and bear the pain.

The spreader is perfect in case you’re looking to spread more than fair fertilizer. You’ll use it to equally spread fertilizer, seed, bug spray, herbicides, and ice dissolve items.

It is outlined for solidness with a steel body, tough pivot, and a high-quality gearbox. It too comes with 13-inch tires that let you effectively thrust the spreader around the grass.

The wide, air-filled tires are gentler on delicate surfaces guaranteeing that you can move the spreader around the garden without stressing almost the taking off the unsightly wheel marks.

  • Fairly complex to assemble

4-Earthway 2750 Hand-operated Bag Spreader

  • EarthWay’s 3100 is a ready to go unit. Simply attach the crank handle and straps, set the desired rate, and start spreading. Straps can adjust to accommodate a wide range of individuals.
  • Make quick work of your tasks with the 40 pound (18 kg) capacity and spread widths of up to 15 feet wide. Hopper cover helps not just you but your material by keeping the dust in and moisture out.
  • Patented 3-hole dual-port adjustable shut-off system allows for 180-degree precision spreading. Dual-port Side Spread Control allows you to decide which side needs to be shut off in order to protect flower beds, sidewalks, driveways and more.
  • Heavy duty gearbox is self-lubricating and factory sealed to provide consistent, reliable service time after time. Chrome-plated crank and epoxy coated steel provide years of service.
  • EarthWay's 3100 is made right in Bristol Indiana to give you confidence year after year with American made products. EarthWay Products does have a one year limited warranty and lifetime technical support on all products.

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If you’re trying to find a beat hand-held spreader that you just can effectively use to evenly spreader fertilizer on your lawn, the 2750 Earthway hand-operated spreader positions among the most excellent spreader units will likely ever use.LawnMower Grass Catcher Replacement Bags

It is uncommon to find a hand-operated unit that’s simple to use and flexible without clogging issues. Thankfully, with the 2750 fertilizer spreader, you’ll make your grass more beneficial and appealing by equitably spreading fertilizer without compromising on your health.
The flexible bear strap lets you effortlessly customize the unit agreeing to your needs.

  • Simple, simple to use, and operate
  • Large, pneumatic tires make it simple to thrust up and down hills
  • Heavy obligation steel frame and all-metal controls
  • Confusing assembly instructions
  • Cushy handle grasps can tear if you’re not careful

5-Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader

This Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Recipient Mount Spreader is distinctive from all the others concerning its way of utilization and looks. It includes a 12-volt DC engine which could be a solid candidate compared to others.

The spreader’s capacity things a parcel since you’d need something that can in a perfect world cover all the ground in one fill. In case you’ve got a broad garden or garden range, consider getting a tow spreader with a high-capacity container.

This product is good but has strong durability. As its title suggests it contains a collector mount which is one of the main reasons for this item being an incredible seller.

This not as it were gives more precision but moreover diminishes wastage within the long run. Besides, the swaying instigator, combined with the three 1-inch gap openings, guarantees indeed item conveyance all through.

Lastly, the encased adapt set keeps things completely functional by anticipating the entry of tidy and flotsam and jetsam into the instrument.

  • Simple to use
  • Covers a parcel of the ground easily
  • Lightweight Easy to use
  • Covers a parcel of the ground easily
  • Lightweight
  • Hard to assemble
  • Weak quality production
  • Tray door doesn’t near


We trust you may find the most suitable choice for your garden’s best push lawn fertilizer spreader Scotts 76121 Turf Builder Mini Broadcast Spreader. But before you go ahead and put an arrangement, here’s some advice. Make sure that the item you purchase matches your prerequisite and skill level. After all, there’s no point in buying something as well progressed that you battle to collect and use.

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