Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer (Ultimate Guide)

Everyone wishes that his lawn grass would look shiny green and dazzling. It’s marvelous looks not difficult and not even hard if you give this best lawn organic fertilizer.

It is very useful for lawn grass to get rid of chemicals because organic fertilizer is a masterpiece nowadays and creates the best role in development.

There are numerous kinds of grass in the whole world and the best organic lawn fertilizer is an important subject in increasing their growth. Maybe that’s the reason peoples use organic fertilizer to increase and everybody needs this.

There is no doubt that organic fertilizer has more benefits as compared to chemical fertilizers. Of course, the purpose of both is the same but the chemicals are a little unhealthy for grass and lawn pets also.

On the contrary organic fertilizer has a great advantage and source of a clean healthy lawn. But here comes an element and that is the right selection of organic fertilizer. Because this is the most important part of organic fertilizer to choose right for your lawn.

best organic lawn fertilizer,

So in this article, you will get complete information that tells why organic is necessary and which one is the best organic lawn fertilizer.

Why organic fertilizer is best for my yard?

As the lawn grass and plants require nourishment and organic fertilizer having good nature because they occuring fish meal bones animals dung manure and vermicompost etc.

The organic fertilizer is best for the yard because the organic fertilizer provides all the facilities that a lawn soil needs.

The grass plant not only needs air water and natural light they also need nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and less need for calcium and sulfur.

Most plants also acquire zinc copper and many other nutrients and these nutrients are mainly from yard soil but these are all not available in the soil so only soil doesn’t provide the complete fertility demand of grass and plants and organic fertilizer provides these all demands with pure safety.

That’s, why your lawn needs organic fertilizer. Because like the other chemical fertilizer, is fast in growing but actually they have reduced effect time or less time working and chemical also disturb the use of soil organisms.

So to solve this issue we use organic fertilizer and Fertilizer means which occurs 1 or more nutrients in a concentrated form like NKP fertilizer means which contains phosphorus potassium and nitrogen also in a good ratio.

Normally nitrogen treated as a rich fertilizer means a fertilizer in which comparison to other nutrients the nitrogen is accessible.

Organic fertilizer not only provides nutrients to spoil also improves soil texture water holding ability and drainage of the soil.

Organic fertilizer is much renewable for lawn biodegradable and yard friendly. Actually, the major thing about organic they release his nutrient slowly which means creates a long-lasting effect on grass and plants.

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Comparison of fertilizer

  • Chemical fertilizer

The chemical is made up with the use of synthetic materials in a highly concentrated form like Urea Dap and Potash etc.

  • Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is those which are made with natural substances like mustard cow dung etc. So that’s why these are more preferable fertilizers.

best organic lawn fertilizer,


These both have their own capabilities but organic has no disadvantage as compared to top organic for soil and lawn as well.

Chemical fertilizerOrganic fertilizer
Chemicals fertilizer fast in fertilizing action always ready to eat for plants.These are fertilizers not ready for availabilities. These break down first and then release important nutrients for the soil. But don’t worry.
Fast in action but keep accumulating soil in form of salt and unbreakable compounds. This increases the soil alkalinity and causes of destroying main soil organisms. That’s a very bad impact on growth.The organic fertilizer not only works to add nutrients also is reliable for increasing soil humus and increasing the water retention ability of soil improves drainage and growing soil organisms as well.
Destroys soil quality too soon.Increase soil quality day by day.
Not suitable for the environmentOrganic is environment friendly
Dangerous for kids and lawn pets also.Not harmful for any lawn species.
Destroys soil fertility and erosion and burns their roots.Compatible for every condition.
Much use disturbs the roots spreads.Do not affect by much use.
Mostly expensive in cost.Less in cost and homemade friendly.
Fewer microbes community with Homogenous considering mixture.Having wide microbes variety with Heterogeneous mixtures.
Use When NeedFear Free To Application

Go greeny best organic lawn fertilizer

The organic fertilizer is much grass friendly for many lawn types of grass and the chemical are not much because they have slow grass greeny releasing.

The organic has slow soil acting access and works permanently for long roots. The organic has good water capturing that watering mixing with fertilizer and soil helps the grass to grow green and thick.

Another reason that organic slow action increases the soil fertility and power as fertility increase nutrients increases and also acts for grass tallness and color blowing.

Mostly organic has naturally seeding abilities and a good amount of organic increases the lawn grassiness.

Best organic lawn fertilizer

1. Earth pods premium organic fertilizer

The earth is the most important fertilizer for lawn growing its has amazing organic spikes. The best thing about Earth pods it’s applicable to all great house plants.

The earth pods have a 100 count size. The organic earth pods have an all-purpose formula which means it’s applicable for all types of lawns also. That’s why it’s our first choice.

This supports very well in roots growth and also provides fertility to robust roots and growing g them well. This has amazing strong development of stem and enhances the leaf color vibrancy.

This creates rich loamy soil for indoor and outdoor also that’s very helpful to grow lawn and garden. It has no messy liquid and no confused measuring with no stinkiness.

The action of such fertilizer is fast also and very easy to use.

The earth pods have slowly released nutrients and these nutrients help the roots grow up.

The earth fertilizer has a propriety formula that means slow-release fertilizer and robust with a large variety of organic nutrients. This fertilizer is suitable for all grass types and eco-friendly action.

Pros Cons
Having 100 count volumeNo
Environment friendly
Safe for kids and lawn pets
No messy liquids
Easy use with concentrated premium all-purpose formula

2. Espoma Eol organic

The Espoma fertilizer has advanced lawn boost-up qualities with an amazing weight of 230 pounds. The espoma organic fertilizer is a mixture of feather meal and pasteurized poultry and manure gypsum.

That’s why it is our second choice. The espoma is best for small and medium-size yards. It covers 5000 sq feet which is a good length. It also consists of an 8-0-0 formulation with a 30lbs function.

The espoma has an amazing 8-0-0 formulation with an organic fertilizer that helps to make the soils strong and helps soil to grow up the roots as soon as possible.

The best thing about that espoma is it includes no danger in its fertilizer full compatible for lawn pets and humans also.

The espoma also helps to soil to decrease the growing ability of clovers in lawn and prefer the garden soil to grow plants and their leaves very well.

Covering 5000 sq feetNO
Safe action for pets and kids
Eco friendly
30 LBS is excellent

3. Safe Brand 9334 Organic fertilizer

  • Revitalizes lawn to a thick turf by strengthening root systems
  • Lawns will green up within 3 to 5 days
  • Promotes a robust root system for a healthier lawn
  • Provides effective year-round care by helping plants withstand heat, cold and drought stresses
  • Covers up to 6,250 sq ft is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

The safer brand is an amazing lawn organic fertilizer with 25 lb. This safe brand has amazing coverage of 6250 sq feet which means it is applicable to cover the large yard and small also.

That’s why it’s our third choice. If you have a large size yard you should go with this one. This has amazing qualities for large size areas.

The best safe brand quality that you will apply is that it has the fastest 3 to 5 days of lawn greeny action. That’s why it helps you to grow tall and green grass well.

It relates the yard to thick turf with strengthening roots systems. The Safe Brand has perfect robust roots action for maintaining a healthy lawn.

This also provides effective year-round care by helping plants with standard heat and col drought stress. It also helps you in all seasons and grass conditions which means this is 1 action formula for the lawn.

Having 6250 sq feet coveringNO
3 to 5-day green grass
Easy to customized
Lawn friendly with all pets

4. The Aderson 7-1-2

The Aderson has the best 7-10-2 nitrogen phosphorus and potassium Innova organic fertilizer. This contains a large amount of amino acid and natural nitrogen releasing and covers 5600 sq feet easily 40lbs.

The person organic fertilizer has amazing low dust with homogenous granules makes application easy.

The stronger 7-1-2 helps the microbes to make underground high efficiency of soil which makes roots increase the grass length as well.

The best thing about Aderson it’s also compatible with all types of grass on the lawn which means it’s suitable for all seasons even in rainy conditions it grows well.

It also delivers a slow release of nitrogen phosphorus with potassium and amino acid that helps the roots to make their fertility stronger. The person has all qualities that organic fertilizer has else smelling.

The organic fertilizer OMRI is safe for all pets and humans and easy to use as well. The Aderson provides large extendable feeding without any harm of lawn grass burning which is very good for the lawn.

It Covers 5600 sq feet and 40lbsHaving boar smell
Having 7-1-2 action
OMRI safe organic fertilizer
100% percent plant-derived

5. Winchester Garden

The Winchester is another best lawn fertilizer with an amazing 36 count and fast soil fertility increases. The Winchester is designed especially for water lilies and lotuses that help you in every rainy condition also.

The Winchester only copper has a free formula which means it does not contain plants.

The Winchester is also applicable for aquatic life and provides safe and nontoxic action.,Most people choose this because of its watering Lilly tablets. This is also cheap in price and a perfect yard fertilizer action.

The Winchester not crumbling or breaking apart before you get them he contains and that is helping in boots resistance to disease condition as well.

This also helps to grow grass healthy in a month with the proper care.

Safe and lawn friendly Not contain plants material
Nontoxic and copper-free formula
Best aquatic rim fertilizer
Less in cost

6. Espoma plant fertilizer

The espoma plant organic fertilizer is amazing for lawns with 4lb and natural fertilizing capabilities. The espoma is perfect for all-natural and organic grass plants.

It also has a premium blend that contains thousand of living microbes which is approved by organic gardening as well.

It has excellent plant food also ad it can be used on all flowers of the garden and trees and shrubs also.

The espoma has complete plant food with 15 essential nutrients. This is original with all-natural and all-purpose plant food since 1929. This has no harm for pets and kids.

The Espoma has no sludger hazardous or toxic ingredients and has a complex blend for the all-natural organic provider and balanced feeding of all 15 nutrients.

Such a type of fertilizer is compatible with all kinds of small and medium yards.

Having 4lb organic fertilizerNO
Good 15 plant food nutrients
Safe for kids and lawns
Full natural fertilizer

7. Gabriel organics

The Gabriel organics has milky organic spore lawn mixture such fertilizer has also beneficial for the lawn insects or lawn grubs that causing the lawn soil fertility and stop growth.

Gabriel works as a defender and kills all the weeds and worms and improves soil fertility.

The Gabriel is harmless to all other living things and will not affected birds bees and much beneficial for insects fish and animals also.

The Gabriel has 1 bag St Gabriel organics 80080-2-20 lb with milky spores organic grubs controlling power.

It covers 7000sq feet in 20lb. That’s why it’s 3 in 1 function fertilizing large area coverage and the best thing kills all the grubs worms and weeds.

Its organic compounds attack the larvae of Japanese beetles which means it’s perfect for weed killer also at in cheap price.

It Covers 7000 sq feet
Available in 3 options of coverageNo disadvantages
Best as grub killer
Safe for lawn pets

8. Voluntary 10-0-14

  • Contains active herbicides and fertilizer for a 2 in 1 benefit, saving application time and money.
  • Designed for application in late summer or early fall.
  • Provides 4 months of preventative pre-emergent control of crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds.
  • For southern grass including but not limited to Bahia, Bermudagrass, Centipede, St. Augustinegrass.
  • 16lbs covers up to 5,000 sq ft. Do not apply more than 9.2 lbs. per 1,000 sq ft per application. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

The voluntary is best fertile lawn winterize with 20 pounds. This is best for all types of grasses that help the lawn to grow well.

The use of os voluntary 10-0-14 in amount gives result in few days with high roots fertility. Its fertilizing is too perfect for small lawns.

The Voluntary covers an area of 5000 sq feet. The voluntary has the best stem strength with diseases building resistance in lawn and tree also.

The voluntary mostly use for the small and medium-sized yards. This is also less in price and good in action natural fertilizer.

So if you have a small yard you must try this.

It Covers 5000 sq feetNo
Safe for lawns pets
Having stem stronger abilities

9. Scotts 46615

The Scotts green max covers 5000 sq feet and is also available in coverage of 10000 sq feet that help to grow a large size lawn with few weeks.

The Scotts have standard style and feed for keeping under grass greening in just 72 hours. That’s why it’s a fast result showing fertilizer.

This is best for removing the lawn dead patches in a few days and strong the roots of the grass in one month.

The Scotts has dual 2 in 1 formal action means formula feeds and supplements with iron. The best thing about this is it’s not stained when used as directed.

The Scotts are best for all grass conditions also work fully for all rainy seasons and remove the weeds. The Scotts has the best lawn care formula that Scotts is the recommended fertilizer and amazon choice.

The Scotts has re-entering in lawn system means acts soon in soil and results immediately shows after the use.

Multi 2 in 2 actionNot solid in FL
It Covers 5000 sq feet
Safe for pets
Work on soil immediately

10. Scotts turf Builder

The turf builder is the best fertilizer to improve the soil fertility and grass thickness in the lawn. The best thing about this fertilizer includes 3 in 1 functions like a mulching lawnmower.

The Scotts has seeding fertilizing and soil improvement solutions. That’s why it’s our choice it helps you early in growing with 40lb. It’s also available in low lb sizes for small yards.

The Scotts cover 4000 sq feet and include seed to fill gaps in your current lawn as well. The Scotts have the best soil improver for enhanced root development.

A Scotts is compatible with all grass seasons and works fast to grow and spread the fescue grasses.

The Scotts has 50% grass thicker quality which means used in a good amount works full to improve grass length as well.

If you taker good care and water and give the right amount of Scott’s builder its shoe result early.

Work full in sunlight and shaded regionNO
Best 3 in function
Covers 40lb with 4000 sq coverage
Safe for all types of lawn pets also

11. Scotts Winter Guard

The Scotts guard is a much compatible fertilizer for winter seasons and cool areas. Such type of fertilizer is best in cool grasses lawns and work fast as compared to warm grasses.

The Scotts has coverage of 5000 sq feet and is also available in 15000 sq feet you should choose according to your needs.

The Scotts has a strong building and deep roots for better lawn conditions very more reliable in spring situations.

The Scotts guard is the best feeder in fall that’s why most peoples buy this in fall seasons. The Scotts are also much reliable for rainy situations and deliver nutrients that would help to drainage from hot conditions and drought activities.

The Scotts have the best watering absorbing ability as compared to others that differ this item from others. So if you give heavy watering this is made for you.

Best for Spring seasonsNot much best for warm-season
Watering absorbing power
Safe for lawn animals
Cover 5000 sq feet

12. Pet Safe lawn

The pet-safe consists of a 24-0-6 action formula and is much reliable for the lawn if you have lots of lawn cats and dogs.

The pet-safe fertilizer provides green grass ability that helps to grow green grass as well. This covers an area of 5000 sq feet which is best for medium and small lawns also.

The main purpose of this product is to save lawn [pets and have simple usage with water. This fertilizer also acts as a grass thicker and also safe for all humans and wildlife.

Such fertilizer is also applicable for all lawns and grass types and works well in rainy conditions also. Its fertilizing access the grassroots soon and grow their size early with 24-0-6 action. If you have a medium-size yard you must try this.

Safe for all pets and wildlifeNo
It Covers 5000 sq feet
Reliable for all grasses
Having 245-0-6 action

How to make compost at home? Improves lawn maintenance

For this purpose first, we need the soil and banana peels cattle manure, and kitchen waste

We make compost with some home wastes and it’s simple and comfortable to tell you it’s too simple and less costly.

Soil is the most important part of this fertilizer because it will help to remove the bad smell and fasten the composting process.

Using NEEM leaves makes compost not too difficult because NEEM consists of vitamins and many minerals also which actually helps you to increase grass plant resistance to pest attacks.

So making the compost at home take cattle dung or manure and banana peels if available which helps your compost to make the action of nitrogen and potassium and phosphorus in soil and using Egg Shells because it helps compost to develop its cellar structure early.

Then take a bucket or container where you make compost and must try that below container must some holes of pen sizes which remove drainage liquid and use a pot or tray under the container to save drained liquid water.

Because the liquid consists of more nutrients. You should leakage water in plant fertilizing later.

So while starting first give a soil layer 2/3 inches in a container and spread with hand and then spread cattle dung which helps bacteria and worms in decomposing then make another upper layer of small kitchen waste like vegetables etc.

Then spread NEEM and Banana peels on kitchen waste and add a paste of eggs shells and press with hand and at last cover this with soil with a good amount.

Using too much soil decreases the smell of compost and then sprinkles the water on the soil from time to time that helping the compost to decompose soon and always trying to wet its layer.

And watering day by until 20 to 30 days and give a pile in every week this helps your compost to add oxygen in well amount and you’re composing make soon.

You should also cover the compost with plant leaves and you get the result in 45 or 60 days when you see compost growing some grass or plant in a container that’s the time you would use them in the lawn.

You must notice while the composting process doesn’t let dry compost material water immediately when you see the compost get dry it helps to grow fertilizer soon and mix and access the soil to increase soil fertility.


There is much fertilizer in the market for better lawn growth choosing the best one like Earth pods organic fertilizer or The Aderson organic helps you to grow your lawn and save lawn from the disease.

Hope you should like this information and choose your best one must share your experience with us below in the comments. And must question if you have any confusion.


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