8 Best Lawn Mower blades for thick grass | Buying Guide

Catch Up My Best Lawn Mower blades for thick grass Collection deep research clarify me to go with these super useable blades extreme quality good with design material and user friendly with good Reviews.

Mowers blades are mostly dependent on their sharpness and size but when it comes to grass thickness it’s better to choose {MaxPower 3315BB Look Price on Amazon} that actually works compatible with the mower motor compiles excellently and with star style tie cental hole design help in the grass thickness so it’s said to be the best lawn mower blades for thick grass.

Blade’s working depends on its 4 major features that help them to run for a long time but it’s better to choose blades having easy and simple customizing with the mower and MaxPower 3315BB fulfilled these conditions excellently.

Below is the blog, I provide the 8 best well-built grass thicker blades and all are required low maintenance which also saves your time as well.

Let’s begin.

How do you cut thick grass?

How do you cut thick grass? The cutting pattern depends on grass size if grass size is 4 inches then set the blade depth on half of 4 inches the same phenomenon is working in every lawn grass cutting mower.

4 Things to notice before buying a blade

  • Length of the mower blade
  • Width of blades
  • Deck Sizes
  • Shape and material of blades
best lawn mower blades for thick grass

1. Length of the mower blade

This is the first and most important thing that the blade demands for grass thickness and cutting fastly as the blade is good in dimensions and length it covers a large area rapidly with proven mulching.

Actually, there’s no thumb rule applies, and thankfully most lawnmowers are compatible with 20 21 22 inches blades.

In the market, most blades are found with 16 to 20 which is not yet bad but most mowers fit blades size is 21.

So its a major factor must check the blade you get has a suitable size that helps you for grass long time of grass cutting.

2. Shape and material of blades

The main purpose of the blade shape is to help with its central holes actually holes help mower blades to make solid gripping while opening and blades come with 4,5,6 opening points should be your first priority.

The second thing you notice while buying is a multi-blade item. This helps you during mulching with riding or in damaging condition replacements becomes easy and accessible.

The last step is the Shape and material of the blades which completes your mower’s blades selections. The right material for a mower blade is stainless steel and on the other side if you use cheap bending steel or metal it’s opposite works on your grass and damages them.

So it’s better to choose a mower with good material because it’s important to get the costly one time and run them up to 6 months or 1- year approximately.

3. Width of blades

The second most important thing you should notice before buying is the width of the blades its helps blades that fasten their cover medium-large size lawns.

Normally a mower blade comes with 1 to 3.5 inches of width but much preferable according to my experience is between 1 to 1.5 or 2.5 inches. So it’s better you should go with this medium inches width blade it helps you in the easy fitting.

On the other side, the blade having a large width cause damage to the mower blade and does not fit in every mower.

4. Deck Sizes

The deck size of the blade is another important element. For this purpose, if you have a self-propelled or riding mower then you must check the deck size and then buy.

There are some mowers that easily adjust between 14 to 35 inches some have up to 42 decks but it’s a rear thing so it’s better first you check your mower Size and then implement the right step. A mower with a good long deck size helps you fasten mowing.

8 Best Lawn Mower blades for thick grass

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These all mower blades are suitable for the thickness of lawn grass with compatible design and having cutting edge up to 20 inches which is suitable for any mowers and thickness proved maximum 1.06 inches. So this collection helps you in lawn mulching excellently and all are available on a satisfying budget.
best lawn mower blades for thick grass

1.MaxPower 3315BB Super worker (View On Amazon)

The Maxpower is one of the best mower mulching blades that work for a long time with amazing manufacturing and design.

It’s a low price blade for thick grass that’s why it’s Amazon’s choice.

The best thing about this it’s not require sharpening and cutting almost 21 inches of area. It’s the best choice for medium and large size lawns.

Material having stainless steel.

Having 1.6 pounds weight.

The mulching blade MaxPower 3315BB having 21 inches size in length and width with 2/1.4 in width. Its works with a bow tie hole design that is reliable.

It includes a blade that is a star-shaped mount that works compatible with easy customizing. This adjustment is simple with the mower deck.

The MaxPower 3315BB is specially designed to meet with OLM all specifications.

MaxPower 3315BB provides his replacement with OLM items this blade running meets 200% to craftsman Husqvarna nad Honda lawnmowers.

Its intended design helps mowers to work with high power and fasten which saves a lot of time so this should be your first priority.

2.Wadoy 7511 (View On Amazon)

The Wadoy 7511 is another best blade choice for your mowers that provides you with healthy thick grass. The Wadoy is also low in price and provides durable qualities.

It provides a micro twin blade set with good quality material.

Fitts in all lawn mowers type like Husqvarna Craftmans Honda etc.

It provides 21 inches of cutting depth of grass and requires no more sharpening for a long time.

The best thing about this Wadoy 7511 item is it’s easy to install in the mower and takes no more time because its changing demands only disconnection of the spark plug.

Even if you do not replace any before in life but for this Wadoy 7511 blade you should easily replace using a torque wrench.

Wadoy 7511 Provides a 100% warranty to users and says it should be replaced if you don’t like it but it’s a satisfaction model.

3.MaxPower 561713XB (View On Amazon)

This is another MaxPower 561713XB blade choice for thick grass with super fitting in all mowers brands like Husqvarna Craftsman Egopower and Poulan etc.

The best thing about this blade it provides 2 commercial mulching sets.

Having 42 inches cutting deck. Made by the USA.

The material is made of stainless steel.

MaxPower 561713XB Provides suitable replacements for other models of mowers.

The MaxPower 561713XB has a blade size of 21 inches almost and wide with a size of 2/2/1 inches.

The blade also provides 5 points center holes that improve its compatibility while working with lawnmowers.

4.Toro 22 (View On Amazon)

This is Toro 22 blade with super narrow cutting edges corners and has a 3 holes blades system. It’s a Toro 22 tooth mulching blade.

Having good quality steel material.

Its consists of 0.15 inches thickness of grass with strong cutting blades that cover large areas easily.

The best thing about this blade provides suitable work for all other the mowers like craftsman Husqvrans etc.

It also includes almost 22 inches blade sizes.

Toro 22 provides a width of 2 and 1/4 inches.

5.EGO Power (View On Amazon)

It’s an amazing high lifting design blade with a super amazing quality of cutting. This EGO Power provides a better cut if you fit this in ego mowers because it’s a lifting working design and provides a down-to-up sharpen cutting.

Provides 21 inches mower blade size with 20 inches of cutting almost.

Having easy customization for every person. So it provides fast and clean grass with little effort.

The blades provide a 3-in-1 feature of mulching bagging and side discharging with lawnmowers.

It’s a genin material of EGO Power that ensures its compatibility and power.

It also provides sharpen blade quality means there is no need to sharpen the blades again and again. EGO Power Working on LM2100 LM2100SP Designed.

6.Honda 08720 (View On Amazon)

The Hond 08720 is a high-quality design blade specially made for honda lawn mowers and works compatible with these mowers.

Honda 08720 Provides 20.5 inches of blade size. Having 3 holes with fast gripping with mowers.

The best thing about this blade is its curvy design with swift cutting.

It’s not much compatible with other models’ mowers.

7.Stens 325 (View On Amazon)

The Stens 325 is our last blade collection providing 1 commercial mulching blade with a compatible circular central hole style.

Stens 325 includes 19 inches in length and 2/1/4 inches in width.

The blades provide replacements with Cub cadet models.

Stens 325 also includes OEM Specifications.

Its central holes provide 0.134 of grass thickness.

Stens 325 is Made in the USA and available at a low price on Amazon.

8.Oregon 598 (View On Amazon)

This is best with 2 blade set and has an amazing fitting and cutting quality that’s why it’s our super collection item.

Oregon 598 Provides to replace the cub-cadet with MTD Blades.

This provides quality gator and 21-3/16 inches long and 164 inches wide and thick cutting with super and multi mounting holes.

It includes 6 mounting holes that increase its compatibility and increase its working lots of times.

Are mulching blades good for tall grass?

Thankfully mulching blades are a suitable choice for grass mowing and provide lawn-friendly working. It gives suitable results in form of thick lushing grass if you use it after 3 to 5 days. Remember much use of mulching blades blocks deck choke and grass press downward.

Suggested lines

According to my suggestions choosing a blade with good cutting depth blade size and smart stainless steel designed should be your first priority and blade-like MaxPower 3315BB & Toro 22.

MaxPower 561713XB must be your first choice because these 3 are own my choices while blades replacements and all that’s why you must apply my recommendations.

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