The Best Fertilizer for New Sod

Sod is a pre-grown grass that is generally grown under a very suitable environment above 10 to 12 months. The best fertilizer for new sod? Here is the ultimate guide to this important topic.

This method is very easy to make your lawn attractive in a short time by laying the grass layer that is cut by a lawn cutter with roots. After that, you can use that sod on the new lawn and make it beautiful and you don’t need to wait for several months to grow your lawn grass like this.

Before and after installing the sod you need to take care of some important things that help you a lot to get good results and grow your lawn in an effective way.

Here I will tell you some important tips and tricks that help you to grow your lawn. What you have to do before and after installing the sod to get maximum result and avoid the loss.

If you don’t care about some important thing then your new sod will dry after some time and no one wants that so you have to follow some easy and simple steps to make your lawn lush green.

best fertilizer for new sod,

These are some important and frequently asked question by many people (FAQ).

Is it good to fertilize new sod?

If you install new sod on your lawn then you have to wait for approximately 5 to 7 weeks and meanwhile, you have to take good care of the newly installed sod on your lawn. When your sod turn grow well and after 5 to 6 week you can fertilize your new sod and that would increase the nutrients of the soil.

What do you put on new sod?

When you install a new sod you don’t need to use any kind of fertilizer very soon. Take time 5-6 weeks after laying the new sod on your lawn. Use water two times a day in the morning and afternoon to moisture the sod and the turf grow their roots and in the early days, you need to take extra care about this to get effective results.

Should I fertilize before laying sod?

Yes, that could be an effective practice to apply the fertilizer before laying the sod. When you are preparing your lawn for sod you can fertilize and that would be helpful for newly installed sod and enhance the nutrient level of the soil. You need to mix up the fertilizer completely and make it rich soil.

How to Take Care of New Sod

This is a very important thing that you have to know about how to take care of new sod. If you don’t take care of new sod properly then you could not get an effective result or the sod could be dried due to the missing of some important things. After applying the new sod you have to water the lawn two times and that could be very important for the growth of your lawn sod.

Early morning that near about (5 am) because you have to give much time before sunrise to moisture the sod for a long time and after that, you have to water afternoon that is another good time because that water is absorbed in sod which is good.

But don’t water the lawn in the evening because the new sod could not absorb much water. It is possible that fungus could ruin the sod so avoid watering the new sod. You must need to take of these important things to get effective results.

Here are some important steps that you have to follow after applying the new sod on your lawn. Must take care of these tips to get maximum results:

Let’s get started,

Best time to water New Sod:

One of the important steps that have much impact on the newly installed sods. Before applying the sod you have to prepare the lawn by fertilizing it.

The next important step is after installing the new sod is that you water the sod on schedule. The best time is early morning around 5 am in the morning and for that purpose, you don’t need to wake up in the early morning and water the lawn.

For that purpose, you can use the automatic sprinkler system that will turn on and off at the time set already. This is best for you to use that automatic system.

Many studies prove and suggest the morning time to water your plants or lawn.

The other important time is an afternoon for new sod because this time your new sod gets moisture.

You must have to check the moisture level by a poke in the sod and maintain the moisture level that will help your new sod to grow and enhance the root of that turf. Overall this is the utmost step to follow according to the method that I tell you to get fine results.

Mowing Of New Sod:

Mowing is also an important factor to consider after installing the new sod on your lawn. Why mowing is important for new sod and when? You can be mowing the grass after applying the new sod for one week.

Must take care that new grass height not much up to 3 cm because when the grass is tall there could be a chance of weed germination so avoid that to get good results.

For mowing use the walk-behind and sharp blade mower that cut the turf without tear and this is very necessary for new sod.

One more important thing is that don’t use the riding mower because new sod could not bear the heavyweight and the root could not survive. You need much take care of your lawn for a week after applying the new sod.

Keep away your child and pets from that area and don’t use this side for parties or any other function while this period of time.

When the roots gain their position that you can do anything that you want to do with your lawn but for a few times use precautions.

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Fertilizing to new sod:

Another important thing about new sod is when you can use fertilizer and which fertilizer could be the best for new sod. so here you will get your answer to this important question.

First of all, you don’t need to fertilize your new sod lawn because the sod is already fertilized and the soil where the sod is being applied has also done this process so for a few weeks around 6 to 7 weeks you could not use fertilizer to new sod.

First, you test your soil with this soil test kit: Click Here

best fertilizer for new sod,

The best time to install the sod is spring and fall and after one and a half or two months you can use the fertilizer to grow your lawn properly. I hope that would be helpful information for you to get a very effective result from this operation.

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The above list of best fertilizers for new sod will be very beneficial for you. But apply the fertilizer according to the given instruction and suitable method to fertilize the new sod.


Sod needs fertilizer to grow properly. Proper care of your lawn is important to keep it looking healthy and attractive. There are many types of fertilizers you can use for your lawn, but with sod sod should be used as it is the best option since it will feed the grass roots for optimum growth.

This is very important information for those who plan to apply a new sod on your lawn or they already applied the sod. I hope this article would be very informational for you and you follow the above-given method to get effective results.

If you like our efforts then you can give your feedback in the comment box and if you have any doubts or queries regarding this topic you can ask, we will try to answer your query very soon.

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