Best Drop Spreader For Use (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

I will tell you the best drop spreader for use as fertilizer for your lawn. There are various techniques for fertilizing your lawn, spanning from spray bottles to simply throwing fertilizer with your hands.

One of the easiest ways to fertilize your lawn is with a drop spreader, which covers the ground more rapidly while delivering fertilizer just where you want it.

Best Drop Spreader For Use

Top 4 Best Drop Spreader for use in 2022 | Best Drop Spreader for use

  • Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow Behind Drop Spreader, Black
  • Scotts 76565 Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader
  • Scotts Elite Spreader
  • Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader

1-Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow Behind Drop Spreader, Black

  • Hopper capacity is 17-gallons (dry)/175-pounds
  • 40,000-square feet coverage; roughly 1 acre
  • Rustproof poly hopper increases product life
  • 42-inch controlled spread width
  • Premium galvanized steel agitator improves durability; pneumatic tires allow for smooth transport, 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

The Agri-Fab 45-0288, also an Editor’s Choice, is at the top of our list. The largest covering drop spreader on our list, with a drop width of 42 inches, this is a terrific tow behind the choice.

With a capacity of 17 gallons (or 175 pounds) and coverage of 40,000 square feet, this is the drop spreader to choose from if you have a lot of ground to cover and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.

This drop spreader’s great attributes are complemented by the fact that t is relatively light despite the amount of power it holds weighing just 46 pounds.

The Agri-Fab 45-0288 is made of a rustproof poly hopper and is built to withstand the elements.

To put your mind at ease, this drop spreader comes with a 3-year warranty, assuring that each buyer receives the highest quality product and service available on the market.

An on/off control, a universal hitch, and access from a tractor seat are among the additional features of the Agri-Fab 45-0288.

These three features greatly contribute to the drop spreader’s user-friendly and accommodating traits, and are one of the primary reasons we had to put the Agri-Fab 45-0288 #1 on our list and as our Editor’s choice!


  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Drop width is 42 inches.
  • Hitch universal


  • Easily clogs

2-Scotts 76565 Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

  • Hopper capacity is 17-gallons (dry)/175-pounds
  • 40,000-square feet coverage; roughly 1 acre
  • Rustproof poly hopper increases product life
  • 42-inch controlled spread width
  • Premium galvanized steel agitator improves durability; pneumatic tires allow for smooth transport, 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

The Scott’s Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader is as straightforward as they come, and it’s the ideal size for small to medium yards, sidewalks, and garden paths.

Scott’s brand has long been associated with high-quality lawn care, and its numerous products are popular with homeowners and business owners alike.

Their Classic design can store up to 32 pounds of product and cover up to 10,500 square feet of property at once. This spreader’s 22-inch broad spread makes following the perimeter of your yard and gardens a breeze.

This is an excellent product for homeowners with large landscaped areas that require precise application. It’s a terrific all-season option because you can fill it with any spreadable product.

The Scotts Classic drop spreader is simple, simple, and low-cost. This is a good spreader if you are a homeowner (with a small yard). It has a 22′′ drop pattern and can carry around 10,000 square feet of merchandise (depending on your spread rate).

This is also a good addition to yards with a lot of edges, where a traditional broadcast spreader may end up spreading too much product beyond the targeted application regions.


  • Inexpensive
  • Simple and easy to understand to use
  • If properly used and maintained, it will survive for years.


  • This product is not intended for commercial usage.
  • If not properly maintained, the on/off cable can corrode.

3-Scotts Elite Spreader

The item’s price is reasonable, allowing it to fit into even the most limited budgets. This Scotts Elite drop spreader is massive, with a grass product capacity of 20,000 square feet.

It’s designed to provide you with the exact amount of fertilizer, ice melt, or grass seeds you need.

Because of its large six-foot spreading breadth, this medium-sized spreader is noted for saving a significant amount of time.

Working with this gadget on any lawn will be a lot of fun. The equipment’s fused two rotors provide unrivaled precision, making it the best pull-behind drop spreader on the market.

This model’s wheels are constructed in such a way that they will never flatten, allowing them to travel freely with minimal pressure. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the user.

While the tool is in use, the built-in phone holder will keep your phone safe. These spreaders come in four different sizes to guarantee that you get the right fit. If you’re concerned about the item’s setup, I’d like to point out that the vendor includes a fully assembled tool.

As a result, depending on how you intend to utilize the item, you will only need to make minor alterations. However, I must caution you that the wheels on this model are incorrectly fitted, and it may become more difficult to pull overtime.


  •  Dual rotors for maximum precision.
  • A secure grasp
  • a time-saving device


  •  Inadequate wheel design

4-Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader

Wherever a strong drop spreader with a large hopper is required, this Spyker spreader meets that need.

The hopper, for example, has a huge capacity of roughly 120 lbs. This means that a single load of material in the hopper should be sufficient to cover a medium to the big lawn without the need to reload it.

The hopper is unique in that it contains two portions, one on top of the other. This is due to the fact that this spreader can spread to either an 18-inch or 36-inch width.

There may be times when the 18-inch spread is preferable to the 36-inch spread, and other times when the 36-inch spread is required.

The 36-inch width is useful for distributing a large amount of material, such as fertilizer, across a large area in a shorter amount of time than a narrower breadth. When working in a small, constrained space or in narrow places where the 36-inch breadth would overhang the boundaries, the 18-inch spread might be more effective.

The control rod, which is located slightly below the handles, is used to open and close the hopper vent.

The flow controller is also nearby, allowing you to manage the rate at which materials are released.

Because both controls are rods rather than cables, they should be more durable and last longer.

The frame, which is built of sturdy steel and has been powder-coated to resist rust, is a good example of how tough everything is.

The spreader’s large wheels, which feature pneumatic tires, will make pushing it a little easier. When moving the spreader through damp or dense grass, the grip in these tires comes in handy.

Finally, we should emphasize the padded grips on the handles, which will keep your hands comfy and lessen the likelihood of blisters.


  • Steel frame with a coating
  • hopper with a 120-pound capacity
  • Handle grips with cushioning
  • Flow control rod with a lot of strength
  • An 18-inch or 36-inch spread is available.
  • Stability is enhanced by the use of wide wheels.


  • We dislike puncture-prone pneumatic tires.
  • Handle grips are easily dislodged.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re thinking about buying a drop spreader, you should think about all of the characteristics each one offers and how they’ll help you in the garden before making a final decision.

To help you out, we’ll go through the most important features to look for in a drop spreader, as well as other aspects of using a drop spreader that you may not have considered before.

We believe that by doing so, we will be able to assist you in making the best decision possible when purchasing a drop spreader.

What Is a Drop Spreader and How Do I Use It?

Because most drop spreaders are operated manually, using one is fairly straightforward.

All you have to do now is press the spreader after filling the hopper with the lawn product. 

Because drop spreaders rely mostly on gravity to distribute grass products, little to no calibration is necessary most of the time.

It’s crucial to remember that drop spreaders aren’t broadcast spreaders when utilizing your spreader.

This implies that when applying seed, fertilizer, or pre-emergent on your grass, you’ll need to be more accurate with your track.

To ensure adequate and complete dispersion, you may want to run over specific regions multiple times.

I recommend dividing your product in half and spreading half of it north-to-south and the other half east-to-west throughout your grass.


The following is a list of things to think about when buying a drop spreader. You can ensure that you obtain the best value for your money and gardening needs by keeping these qualities in mind.


The amount of capacity required is largely determined by the size of your lawn. If you only have a little area to cover, a low-capacity spreader is a way to go.

An item that can carry lawn goods for a 10,000 square foot area is the greatest illustration here. Keep in mind, however, that those with significantly larger gardening lands have more possibilities.


Tow-behind spreaders are useful because they can be used to aerate the soil prior to fertilizer delivery.Aeration of the soil guarantees that the lawn treatments applied to reach even the most difficult-to-reach areas.

When you buy spiky drop spreaders or hoppers, you’re getting two-in-one equipment that will help your plants gain better access to minerals and water.


Because drop spreaders are so precise, you don’t have to do much when it comes to precision settings. However, if you get a spreader with speed control knobs, you will be able to simply manage the tool’s speed and ensure thorough spreading by covering your grass faster or slower.


Tires have a significant impact on the speed and comfort of using a drop spreader. As a result, look for a tool with well-made wheels that can easily navigate any terrain. It will make gardening more pleasurable and less exhausting.


Corrosion is a major issue with low-quality spreaders, and it drastically reduces their lifespan. Heavy-duty items, on the other hand, usually come with a one- or two-year warranty to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. Warranties might also help you feel more confident about your purchase.


These tools are subjected to harsh weather conditions, which might cause frame corrosion. When some drop spreader parts rust, the tool’s overall durability suffers. As a result, the item may not give the quality of service that is expected.


If you’re looking for a low-cost, everyday drop spreader, the Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow Behind Drop Spreader, Black is the way to go. It’s low-cost and simple to use.

However, if you want the best and can afford it, the Scotts Elite Spreader is difficult to top!

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